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Please note: The following events appear in chronological order, not in order that the dates are posted to the website. Therefore the newest listings may not necessarily appear at the top of the list.

Planned Stoppages Listings

Trent & Mersey Canal

Planned Stoppages

Starts At: Bridge 96, Whitebridge Lane Bridge
Ends At: Bridge 93, Stafford Road Bridge

ADVICE (8am Monday 8 October 2018 until 6pm Thursday 31 January 2019)

Cadent Gas (formally National Grid) need to excavate down and survey seven gas main sleeves located along the canal. The navigation and towpath will remain open with users managed through the works as and when necessary.

Starts At: Bridge 18, Rea Swing Bridge
Ends At: Access Point-Midsummer Walk

Update on 28/11/2018:

Please be advised that the towpath is now fully open between Rea Bridge and Midsummer Walk as the first phase of laying tarmacadam has been completed ahead of schedule.

Certain lengths will be closed during the spring of 2019 when the weather is favourable in order to install the buff-coloured surface dressing. We will advise of the dates of these closures nearer to the time.

For further information or advice, please contact the Gloucester Dock Office on 01452 318012 or at

Update on 02/11/2018:

Please be advised that works between Sellars Bridge and Rea Bridge, and Rea Bridge and Sims Bridge has been completed ahead of schedule and the towpath in these areas is now open.

As a result the next stage of the works has been brought forward and over the coming week the towpath between Sims and Netheridge Bridges will be closed for a period of time, as well as between Netheridge and Hempsted.

All other closures remain consistent with the dates previously specified.

Update on 05/10/2018:

Please be advised that whilst the towpath improvement works are ongoing, for the safety of all users there will be no access to the towpath along the lengths of canal between Rea and Hempsted Bridges in places where the works are being carried out.

The towpath will however be reopened at the weekend to all users and access to moorings will be available during this time.

All other staged towpath closures remain as previously specified.

Update on 01/10/2018:

Please be advised the towpath between Rea and Hempsted Bridge will now be closed from 24th September 2018 to 15th February 2019 for the safety of all users whilst towpath improvement works are being carried out.

The towpath will be closed in stages as listed below. However, please be aware that these dates are not fixed and are subject to change. Please only use them as a rough guide when planning your journey.

24/09/18 – 12/10/18 – closed from Rea Bridge to 200m south.

25/09/18 – 09/11/18 – closed from Rea Bridge to Sims Bridge.

22/10/18 – 30/11/18 – closed from Sims Bridge to Netheridge Bridge.

12/11/18 – 08/01/19 – closed from Netheridge Bridge to Hempsted Bridge.

17/12/18 – 15/02/19 – closed from Hempsted Bridge to Midsummer Walk.

Gloucestershire City Council has received funding to greatly improve the towpath for a length of 3.5 kilometres. The benefits will see the majority of towpath widened with an improved surface, suitable for use in all weathers.



Bridge 7 – Carrington St

Update on 09/10/2018:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, these works have been delayed until after Christmas.

ADVICE (Monday 8 October 2018 until Monday 4 March 2019)

Contractors will be installing scaffolding on the towpath to carry out maintenance to the Gresham Hotel.

The scaffolding will be “permeable” allowing pedestrian access through/beneath the scaffolding once it
is installed.

This is a busy towpath with both pedestrians and cyclists. Please slow down and take care when passing through the works. Cyclist may need to stop and wait to allow
oncoming traffic through the works.

Paddington Arm (Grand Union Canal)

Planned Stoppages | Stoppages & Restrictions

Bridge 3, Harrow Road (A404)

ADVICE (Tuesday 16 October until Friday 21 December 2018)

FM Conway in partnership with Westminster City Council are undertaking planned preventative maintenance of 3 bridges, along the Paddington Basin, in Little Venice.

The steel parapet panels either side of Harrow Road Bridge are due to be removed and replaced. In order to undertake this activity scaffolding will be erected round the road bridge whilst works are undertaken.

The scaffold footings will be positioned on the towpath and therefore restrict the towpath width.  A minimum towpath width of 1.2m shall be maintained for the safe passage of pedestrians. Please observe local signage while using the towpath

The canal navigation shall remain open throughout the works.

River Thames

Planned Stoppages

Culham Reach

ADVICE (Monday 29 October 2018 until Sunday 31 March 2019)

Culham Lock tail layby refurbishment works: the navigation layby downstream of Culham Lock, below the road bridge, is being refurbished. The lock will remain open during these works but river users please be aware of construction plant, for example barges, next to the tail layby downstream of the road bridge and proceed with caution when approaching or leaving the lock.



Shropshire Union Canal

Planned Stoppages

Railway Bridge 89A
Up Stream Winding Hole: Poole Hill, south of Bridge 96, Shropshire Union Canal
Down Stream Winding Hole: Hack Green, Lock 2, Shropshire Union Canal

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (8am Monday 5 November until 4pm Friday 14 December 2018)

Update on 24/10/2018:

Network Rail Contractors, Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd, will be carrying out works to clean the steel work, undertake repairs and re-paint the bridge.


Please be aware, for safety reasons, it will be necessary to close the towpath during the period of the works.  Diversion routes are available via the local public footpaths.


Walsall Canal

Planned Stoppages

Starts At: Longbridge Bridge, Midland Road, Walsall
Ends At: Willingsworth Hall Bridge

TOWPATH CLOSURE (8am Monday 5 November 2018 until 6pm Friday 15 February 2019)

As part of the wider Walsall National Productivity Investment Fund Project, Towpath resurfacing works are to be undertaken. To ensure the works are undertaken safely the towpath will be closed. Signage will be placed in advance of the works to identify alternative routes.

Macclesfield Canal

Planned Stoppages

Starts At: Bridge 38, Black Road Bridge
Ends At: Bridge 39, Hollands Br
Up Stream Winding Hole: Hurdsfield Winding Hole, by Bridge 33.
Down Stream Winding Hole: Lyme Green Winding Hole, between Bridges 45 and 46.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (8am Monday 5 November until 4pm Friday 14 December 2018)

An urgent navigation closure is required to repair the canal bed and to prevent leakage through a culvert, which is causing flooding to adjacent land.

The closure is timed to coincide with the other stoppages on the Macclesfield Canal in order to minimise disruption.

The towpath will be closed for the duration of the stoppage and a signed diversion will be in place.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Planned Stoppages

Starts At: Bridge 130B, Manchester Road Bridge
Ends At: Bridge 130E, Finsley Gate Bridge
Up Stream Winding Hole: After Bridge 137, Lob Lane Bridge.
Down Stream Winding Hole: Before Bridge 130B, Manchester Road Bridge.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (8am Monday 5 November 2018  until 4pm Friday 15 March 2019)

Update on 03/09/2018:

The length from Manchester Road Bridge 130B to Bridge 130E will be dewatered to allow for canal relining works, work to the towpath retaining wall and offside soft bank protection.

Stop plank grooves will also be constructed at Bridge 130B and Sandholme aqueduct.

The final design and methodology have now been confirmed and, as a result of the extent of works involved and for safety reasons, the towpath will also have to be closed during the stoppage.

Our contractor will erect signage at the convenient closure points so that people can come off and use another route.

Castleford Footbridge

RESTRICTION (8am Friday 2 November 2018 until 6pm Monday 17 December 2018)

Contractor (Babcock) is carrying out overhead line replacement using scaffold and netting over the navigation.

Delays will be no longer than 20 minutes to boats if there is any disruption, however not much is anticipated throughout the duration of the works.

River Thames

Planned Stoppages

Teddington Lock

LOCK CLOSURE (until 15 March 2019)

Refurbishing the lock chamber concrete walls and replacing the lock side rubbing timbers and bollards.

* River users will still be able to navigate through the Barge Lock

Starts At: Lock 1
Ends At: Lock 7
Up Stream Winding Hole: Immediately above Lock 7
Down Stream Winding Hole: Immediately below Lock 1

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (8am Monday 5 November until 2pm Friday 14 December 2018)

The navigation will be closed from Bottom Lock 1 to Top Lock 7 of the Watford flight.

Repairs will include:

Lock 1 – top and bottom gate replacement, repairs to cill fender, lock ladder and leak in top ground paddles.

Lock 2 – bottom gate refit and brickwork repairs in the lock chamber.

Lock 2 to Lock 3 – repairs to eroded bank and brick repairs under the copings.

Lock 4 – bottom gate reline and refit and repointing below copings.

Lock 5 – bottom gates refit and reline and chamber brickwork repairs.

Lock 6 – chamber brickwork repairs and replacement of cill fender.

Lock 7 – reline bottom gates, repairs to handrails, repointing chamber walls. Brick work repairs on cill front, replacement of brick copings and cill fender timber.

Leeds Bridge

RESTRICTION (until 5pm Thursday 20 December 2018)

Update on 27/11/2018:

The contractor is continuing these works on the bridge until Christmas.

A separate notice will be issued after Christmas for extensive painting works.

RESTRICTION (9am Monday 5 November until 5pm Sunday 2 December 2018)

Update on 05/11/2018:

We have been advised by the contractors that work will be carried out on site for 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks.

RESTRICTION (9am Monday 5 November until 5pm Sunday 18 November 2018)

There will be a navigation restriction in place for Leeds Bridge in order to facilitate AE Yates undertaking paint testing on a local authority bridge.

They will be cleaning and painting a section of the bridge using a 6m x 6m pontoon to the edge of the navigation.

Boaters and other navigation traffic may be affected for up to 20 minutes to enable the pontoon to move out of the way. Please slow down on approaching the bridge.

Leigh Branch/Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Planned Stoppages | Stoppages & Restrictions

Intersection of: Lock 1, Top Lock, Leigh Branch to Lock 1, Top Lock, Leigh Branch on Leigh Branch (Leeds & Liverpool Canal) and Lock 89 to Lock 88 on Leeds & Liverpool Canal

RESTRICTION (Tuesday 30 October 2018 until further notice)

In order to conserve water in the Wigan area, as of Tuesday 30 October we will be implementing overnight restrictions in the Wigan central area.

Lock 88 (Pagefield Lock) to Lock 89 (Ell Meadow Lock) on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Lock 1, Poolstock Lock on the Leigh Branch will be opened at 8am and locked at 4pm daily.

The above locks will be padlocked closed outside of these times.

These restrictions will be in place until further notice.

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