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Stoppages & Restrictions Listing

Bridge 2, Bedford Street
Up Stream Winding Hole: Upstream of Ivy House Br 12
Down Stream Winding Hole: Caldon Junction with the Trent & Mersey Canal

Update on 21/02/2018:

There have been ongoing discussions between the many stakeholders involved in the Bedford Street Bridge project regarding the design of the works to be carried out. It is now agreed the stakeholder group will work towards finalising and agreeing a design over the summer period and will undertake the works during next year’s winter stoppage programme. As a result, the navigation will remain open until further notice.

Starts At: Lock 16
Ends At: Lock 1

Update on 25/05/2018:

The navigation is now open on the Marple Lock flight and boats are able to pass through Lock 15. Please be aware there are still some landscaping works to complete over the coming weeks so please adhere to all safety signage and stay within the designated areas open for public access. Contractors will be completing the landscaping works over the coming weeks, this works should not affect the navigation, but please be aware there will be construction plant machinery working along side the lock and boats may need to be instructed to wait if necessary.

Update on 16/05/2018:

Since the last update, the stone masons have made good progress in rebuilding the chamber wall, and are on track to finish all of the masonry work this week.  During the course of next week, the site team will re-install the lock gates and remove the scaffold and temporary dams in time to open by 5pm on 25th May.  There will be finishing works continuing over the following week, including the re-laying of the gate quadrants and landscaping works, so please following the direction of the site teams during that period.

Update on 18/04/2018:

Work to re-build the lock chamber wall at Marple Lock 15 have suffered a set-back this week after the brickwork exposed at the base of the lock wall was found to be in very poor condition.  It had been expected that the reconstructed masonry wall would be founded on top of the brickwork section of the wall, however this has not been possible and the wall has now been dismantled down to the invert of the lock. This marks a significant milestone in the project as we have now reached a stable foundation and the brickwork is being rebuilt currently.  Unfortunately this delay has meant that the planned opening date for 4 May is no longer achievable.  A revised schedule has now been developed and CRT anticipate navigation reopening on 25 May.

Update on 27/02/2018:

CRT wanted to update you on the latest progress on site at Marple and to advise you that unfortunately, the Marple Lock Flight will not be open in time for Easter.   It is now aimed to reopen the Marple Lock Flight in time for the May Day Bank Holiday (May 4).

At Lock 15 there have been issues while removing the stone from the towpath side lock chamber wall during the dismantling phase. Some of the stonework has started splitting and crumbling in parts and unfortunately, will not be able to reuse it as expected.  Working with the heritage advisor CRT have managed to source new replacement stone from a local quarry, but the need to have new stones cut and delivered has introduced the delay to reopening the navigation.

The rest of the works are progressing to plan.  They are currently excavating down to a depth of 7m behind the Lock wall and in the next few weeks will be installing the reinforcement steel cages and concreting behind the Lock wall ready for the rebuild.

The other maintenance works on the flight are progressing well too with new lock gates being fitted at Locks 1 and 13, a total of 10 locks have been grouted, large wash wall repairs between Lock 8 & Lock 9, Lock quadrant walls rebuilt and Lock slope towpaths upgraded. Volunteers are also doing a great job removing vegetation, installing new paddle gearing to the locks and fixing some of the towpath where it is in bad condition.

The new railings to Marple Aqueduct is on schedule. They are currently carrying out the ground works on site for the new railings to be installed w/c 27th February.


Starts At: Lock 1
Ends At: Railway Bridge

TOWPATH CLOSURE (3pm Tuesday 3 April until 5pm Monday 20 August 2018)

Third Party contractors will be carrying out repairs to make improvements to the towpath.

Whilst these works are being carried out the towpath will be closed in sections but alternative routes will be available via public footpath and the main road (A646) which runs along side the canal.

Lock 9, Mile End Lock

ADVICE (Thursday 3 May 2018 until further notice)

Due to a boating incident, damage has occurred on the bottom gates at Mile End lock. The Lock is still usable but it is important that all lock users ensure the top gates and top paddles are closed after use. This is to conserve the water above the lock.

Engineers are reviewing the damage to schedule in future maintenance works.

Meadow Lane -CSF

Update on 07/06/2018:

The Elsan is available at Meadow Lane for customers to use.

The rest of the facilities are still out of order, but CRT are trying to have them open again soon.

ADVICE (11am Friday 4 May 2018 until further notice)

Due to the misuse of the facilities at Meadow Lane CRT are now closing them until further notice.

Lock 47, Dudswell Lock

Update on 21/05/2018:

Please be advised that CRT will be unable to take bookings for wide beam passage to travel through on Tuesday 22 May between 12 noon and 4pm due to staff being unavailable.

RESTRICTION (2.30pm Tuesday 8 May 2018 until further notice)

Please be advised that one gate at this lock is inoperable due to repairs needed to the balance beam. This gate will be locked shut.

Wide Beam boats wishing to travel through the lock must book passage.

Passage is available Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 8am until 4pm only and must be booked 24hrs in advance.



Starts At: Lock 11 East, Library Lock
Ends At: Lock 4 East

TOWPATH CLOSURE (8.30am Monday 14 May until 5.30pm Friday 14 September 2018)

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal Towpath is being improved between Lock 4 (Milnsbridge) and Lock 11 (Manchester Road). The works are being funded by the Department for Transport Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG2).

The new towpath will deliver an improved surface, with better drainage due to the installation of a permeable recycled rubber surface dressing.

The towpath will be closed in phases, with maps of the immediate area placed on barrier fencing, showing users potential alternative routes.

Dredging and bank protection, Milton Keynes, Grand Union Canal

ADVICE (Thursday 24 May 2018 until Thursday 5 July 2018)

Please note that dredging  will be carried out at various locations between Galleon Bridge (Bridge 68) and Bridge 90C (Groveway).  During these works the canal and towpath will remain fully open.  However, boaters may experience short delays up to 30 minutes, if the team are working in a bridge hole etc.  Please pass through the working area with due care.

Starts At: Crowle Flyover Bridge
Ends At: Godnow Swing Bridge

Update on 31/05/2018:

Contractors have progressed quicker than expected and the works will be completed earlier than envisaged.

TOWPATH CLOSURE (8am Thursday 24 May until 5pm Sunday 8 July 2018)

Contractors (Breheny Civil Engineering) are carrying out towpath refurbishment works to upgrade the existing structure between Crowle Flyover A161 to Godnow Swing Bridge.

Due to the extent of the works a towpath closure is required.

North Lincolnshire council will be implementing diversion routes where possible and undertaking consultation with the local residents before and during the works to minimise disruption.

Navigation of the waterway will remain as normal.

Anglers will still be able to access during the works from Godnow Bridge under the supervision of the Contractor.

Lock 11

Update on 15/06/2018:

During this week while CRT have been assisting boats through Lock 11, they have experienced further difficulties with boats over 45ft long getting stuck on the affected area of the lock wall.

To ensure safe passage through lock 11, CRT can only continue to allow passage for boats up to and including 45ft (13.75m) without restriction and are working hard to establish a temporary repair that will start on site on the 25th June.

The aim of this temporary repair is to enable unrestricted passage through the summer whilst CRT prepare for a permanent solution to be delivered in the stoppage season. However, there is a risk that this temporary repair will not be successful, which resulting in the lock being closed until they are able to complete the permanent repair.

The lock will be closed to all boat traffic from 25th June while the temporary repair is carried out.

Update on 06/06/2018:

As a short-term measure CRT have successfully moved back the tow path side copings which were causing some of the pinch-points in the lock and are currently considering how to address the  movement which has occurred lower down in the chamber wall.  The immediate aim is to provide a short-term solution which will provide sufficient clearance to enable all boats with a beam of  up to 6ft 10in to safely navigate through the lock. 

One option that CRT are investigating is the possibility of  jacking the walls back to provide more clearance and if this proves a feasible option, will aim to do this as quickly as possible however this will not be satisfactory solution in the long-term and so CRT are currently also undertaking further analysis and design to enable a more permanent repair to be developed.

Having undertaken further investigations CRT are now in a position to allow supervised passage through Lock 11 (Permitting specific width requirements). There will be no width restriction for boats up to and including 45ft (13.75m) long, boats that are over 45ft long must have a beam of 6ft 9in or less should be able to navigate through the lock. The lock will be opened and supervised on a daily basis between 9 – 10 in the morning and 3  – 4 in the afternoon. (Subject to change at short notice)

Update on 04/06/2018:

Following on from problems at Lock 11 over the weekend where CRT have been operating the lock under a restriction, reluctantly they had to take the decision to close the lock after more extensive problems were found in its operation than had been anticipated.

Engineers and project managers have been assessing things today, and work is ongoing to realign some of the copings.   They will need to review things when this has been completed to decide whether or not they can reopen the lock or if a more extensive repair is going to be needed.

CRT know that this will be disappointing for people especially with the wait for the other work that that has happened at Marple and want to assure everyone that they are doing everything they can to reopen the lock as quickly as possible.

Update on 30/05/2018:

Teams will be carrying out work to Lock 11 tomorrow throughout the day.

Passages will be only available between 11am and 1.30pm.

From Friday onwards, the hours will resume to 10am-4pm.

RESTRICTION (10am Saturday 26 May 2018 until further notice)

There appears to have been some movement in the lock wall that could restrict passage for boats over 6ft 10in, therefore lock 11 will only be passable under staff supervision until further notice.

The lock will be closed outside the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Sowerby Bridge Sanitary Station

ADVICE (2.30pm Friday 1 June 2018 until further notice)

In order to carry out further assessments of drainage and rising damp issues, Sowerby Bridge Sanitary Station will be closed until further notice.

The nearest facilities can be found at:


Brighouse Basin

Hebden Bridge Services

Todmordon Services

Teeces Bridge
Up Stream Winding Hole: North of Teeces Bridge use the junction with the Cannock Extension Canal
Down Stream Winding Hole: South of Teeces Bridge use Birchills Junction

Update on 15/06/2018:

After much deliberation CRT have decided the works at Church Bridge will now be carried out in November as originally planned. This will allow the Walsall Canal to be used as an easy diversion route and allow the rest of the Wyrley & Essington to remain open during the navigation closure at Teeces Bridge.

They apologise for the confusion but feel this will be the best solution for all.

Update on 14/06/2018:

Please note that due to the additional closure at Church Bridge, the Walsall Canal should not be used as an alternative route from 18th June.

Update on 13/06/2018:

Following the emergency closure at Teeces Bridge, CRT expect the repair works here to be completed by 6th July.

CRT have also contacted the Third Party contractors, Bagnalls (for Cadent Gas) to see if they could work together to bring forward their planned November winter works at Church Bridge, Wednesfield to coincide with this unexpected closure of the navigation.  As a result, this closure will now be carried out from 18th June – 6th July.  This will avoid having a further stoppage on the navigation in the winter.

Update on 07/06/2018:

Further to the below notice, Severn Trent have accepted ownership of the culvert and are undertaking repair works.

Whilst the towpath remains open, banksman will manage users through the works as and when necessary.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (1pm Saturday 2 June 2018 until further notice)

A culvert that runs below the canal has collapsed and the level of the canal is continuing to drop so CRT need to isolate the section with the leak to protect the remainder of the canal.


Please note the Northern and Southern Sections of the canal are all open and can be accessed via the Tame Valley and Rushall Canals or either the Walsall canal or Wolverhampton Main line.

Marsh Lock

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (12noon Saturday 2 June 2018 until further notice)

Marsh Lock has been closed due to mechanical damage, pending further investigation and possible repair works.

There will be no passage between the Manchester Ship Canal and Weaver Navigation until further notice.

Barrowford Reservoir

ADVICE (9am Friday 1 June 2018 until further notice)

WARNING – Blue Green Algae

A suspected bloom of blue-green algae has been found in this water.

Swallowing the water or algal scum can cause stomach upsets or more serious health effects.

Contact with the water or with algal scum can cause skin or eye problems.

It is a sensible precaution for you, your children and your animals to avoid contact with the scum and the water close to it.

Please note the location of the suspected algal bloom may change as a result of wind and water movement.