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Stoppages & Restrictions Listing

River Witham

Stoppages & Restrictions

Lincoln Eastern Bypass

ADVICE (Monday 25 June 2018 until Monday 30 March 2020)

Contractors (Galliford Try) are undertaking construction of a new bypass around Lincoln for the next two years.

All boat traffic should take caution when passing and abide by the contractors’ advice, this may result in delay of no longer than 15-20 minutes.

Please slow down when approaching bridge and be prepared to stop if requested.

Delays not exceeding 15-20 minutes.

Rochdale Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Starts At: Bridge 94, Minsull Street Bridge
Ends At: Bridge 95, Chorlton Street Bridge
Up Stream Winding Hole: Dale Street
Down Stream Winding Hole: Castlefield Basin below lock 92 (Bridgewater Canal)

RESTRICTION (until 5pm Sunday 1 September 2019)

Our third party contractors will be installing and using a temporary scaffold at lock 86. The lock will remain open for use but there may be short delays during installation and removal of the scaffold.

Other ongoing construction work between bridges 94 and 95 will not directly affect the canal.

All boat traffic should slow down, approach with caution and be prepared to stop if requested.  Short delays up to 10/15 minutes may be necessary for contractors to move out of the way. Banksmen and warning signs will be in place.

Old Main Line

Stoppages & Restrictions

Hills Bridge, Biddings Lane

TOWPATH CLOSURE (8am Tuesday 12 February 2019 until further notice)

A 3rd party towpath wall on the southern side of Hills Bridge, Biddings Lane Coseley is on the verge of collapse across what is a very narrow section of towpath. We are doing everything possible to ensure the owner remedies the situation as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we have no option other than to close the towpath. The navigation remains open.

Shropshire Union Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Tyrley Service Station

ADVICE (3pm Friday 15 February 2019 until further notice)

The water supply for Tyrley is supplied by a bore hole owned by a local farmer.

The borehole has been running low for some time and it has now all but dried up so there’s no water. 

CRT are in discussions with the local farmer who owns the bore hole with regards to connecting the building up to mains water.  These discussions are on going and they are reviewing the proposals.

The nearest facilities are at Market Drayton Sanitory Station.

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Planned Stoppages | Stoppages & Restrictions

Access, Between North and South Points

Update on 12/03/2019:

A post dredge survey carried out on 21st February indicated that a total of 19,900 m3 of sediment has been removed and clearly shows where further dredging is required.

It is proposed to re-commence dredging during the w/e 15th March. Due to environmental constraints we are not permitted to use the suction dredger during this period and will return to using conventional excavator dredging. 

Update on 05/03/2019:

Following the first phase of dredging being completed in the Gloucester Docks. This most recent survey survey, taken on 28th February, found the average depth in the main channel between Llanthony Bridge and Gloucester Lock to be 3m, with a minimum depth of 1.6m in some areas. The depth at the entrance to Victoria Basin is 1.6m.

CRT currently anticipate the next phase of dredging to begin on 11th March.

Please take these readings into account when planning your visit to the Docks.

If you require further information or advice, please contact the Gloucester Dock Office on 01452 318012 or at

Weaver Navigation

Stoppages & Restrictions

Saltersford Large Lock
Up Stream Winding Hole: River Weaver
Down Stream Winding Hole: River Weaver

Update on 10/06/2019:

CRT would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused by the closure of Saltersford Lock on the Weaver Navigation following the serious incident in which the stop planks failed at the end of April. Both our health and safety and engineering teams have been working to investigate the potential cause of the stop plank failure to enable us to develop a safe system of work to de-water and access the lock to complete the necessary repairs.

We are pleased to confirm that our investigation is complete and our design for the new de-watering procedure will be complete in the next week.

The proposed solution will take a number of months to manufacture the new steelwork and for our divers to install the equipment before we can complete the construction works. We have also developed an interim repair to the downstream cill that we can complete with our divers and open the lock sooner. The interim detail does have the risk that it will be unsuccessful, however, we will endeavour to have the navigation open by early August. With an interim cill repair in place we will need to return to make a full repair with a planned winter stoppage in the next few years.

We will be arranging a meeting in the next few weeks for our affected customers to attend as to provide an explanation of the technical issues being faced at Saltersford Lock, to explain the interim and long-term repairs and to answer any questions.

Update on 03/05/2019:

Following prior updates indicating a planned reopening date of 18th May, unfortunately Saltersford Lock has since been subject to a structural failure at its downstream end. This has irreparably displaced some of the stop planks forming the downstream dam, causing the lock to become flooded during what was expected to be the final stages of the works – no one was hurt as a result of this. Unfortunately the repairs to the downstream lock gate cill had not been completed when this incident occurred; therefore, the lock is still inoperable until it can either be dewatered again, or if it is possible to complete the remaining repairs underwater using divers.

Our teams are working urgently to understand the nature of the failure, to establish what can be done safely to rectify the situation. At this stage we are unable to provide a revised opening date until assessment of the potential courses of action has been completed.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (until 4pm Friday 17 May 2019)

Update on 01/04/2019:

Unfortunately the works at Saltersford Lock have encountered further delays since our last update, but we have now found a solution to the issues preventing a seal on the downstream stop planks. The lock has now been pumped down allowing us to fully inspect the structure and commence the repairs urgently needed to the cill and gates. We apologise that our revised date for re-opening the navigation to customers has been pushed out to 17th May 2019.

Dewatering the lock has been a huge challenge for our operatives, requiring installation of 9 separate large blanking plates, 6 props across the lock chamber, top and bottom stop planks and repairs to a damaged downstream cill, all of which have been done underwater by divers to facilitate pumping the water out. Having reached this stage of the project, we need to be able to take this opportunity to return the lock to an operable condition. The scale of problems we have experienced have been unforeseen, but nonetheless reflect the complexity of dewatering a large river lock of deteriorated condition.

Update on 06/03/2019:

Unfortunately the works at Saltersford Lock have encountered unforeseen problems with its structural condition during the dewatering phase. This has resulted in a delay to the project, and the earliest date when we hope to be able to re-open the navigation to customers is now by close of play on 18th April 2019.

All preparatory works are being carried out underwater by divers, so there are obvious complexities associated with this.  The floor on the downstream approach to the lock has been found to be badly damaged and this is currently preventing installation of the downstream stop planks until a solution is implemented.  Urgent works are ongoing to try and resolve this issue in order that the lock can be dewatered, thoroughly inspected and repaired as necessary in order to facilitate its future operable condition. 

CRT are progressing the dewatering (and subsequent repairs) as soon as they can.

Original message:

Lock closure and dewatering, for large scale repairs and maintenance.  Please be aware the end date of this closure is outside our published winter stoppage period.

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Gloucester Docks 48 Hour – S1 Mooring

ADVICE (10am Tuesday 12 March 2019 until further notice)

Original message:

For enquiries regarding the repairs to Gloucester Lock please see the notice here –

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Slaithwaite Sanitary Station

Update on 19/03/2019:

A blockage has been found between the pump out cabin and the facilities building which requires excavation work before a repair can be completed.

Unfortunately, currently CRT are not in a position to be able to carry out this work.

The facility for cassettes is in full working order.

The nearest pump out facilities are at lock 23W going towards Manchester or Aspley Marina below Lock 1E heading to Huddersfield.

Regent’s Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Access Point

Update on 22/03/2019:

Due to the partial collapse of a retaining brick wall, this section of the towpath between York Way and Treaty Street will be closed until further notice so that necessary repairs can be undertaken.

Please be advised that the wall is not the property of the trust and repairs will be undertaken by the council

The canal navigation shall remain open throughout this period however moorings along the towpath will be suspended to ensure safe access for all customers.

Please observe local signage.

Original message:

Due to the partial collapse of a retaining brick wall, this section of the towpath between York Way and Treaty Street will be closed until further notice so that necessary repairs can be undertaken.

The canal navigation shall remain open throughout this period however moorings along the towpath will be suspended to ensure safe access for all customers.

Stainforth & Keadby Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Wykewell Lift Bridge

Update on 29/05/2019:
We are now in a position to be able to allow assisted passage daily between:
9am – 10am & 3pm – 4pm
To book your passage please call 03030 404040.
On weekends, please call 0800 4799947

Update on 28/05/2019:

We are now in a position to be able to allow assisted passage daily between:

9am and 10am & 3pm and 4pm

To book your passage please call 03030 404040.

Update on 08/04/2019:

We are now in a position to be able to allow assisted passage daily between 9am and 10am.

We will monitor the impact of this restriction to customers and modify timings to meet local demands when required.

To book your passage please call 03030 404040.

Update on 06/04/2019:

The bridge is now in the fully open position. It will stay like this until Monday morning, when further investigation works will take place. After this agreed times for opening the bridge will be published.

Update on 05/04/2019:

Contractors are on site and are hoping that the temporary works will be completed tomorrow (Saturday 06 April).

When this testing has been carried out CRT will then be in a position to update this notice to provide opening times for possible passage through the bridge on Sunday morning.

Update on 02/04/2019:

The fabricator has not been able to confirm a completion date but we are pushing for them to be available by the end of the week.

In preparation our contractor is mobilising a team and crane ready to install the brackets.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (2.45pm Tuesday 19 March 2019 until further notice)

Update on 29/03/2019:

A design has been prepared for temporary brackets and the fabricator has confirmed that work has been commenced. 

CRT have not yet got a confirmed delivery date from the fabricator for the temporary brackets but will update this notice on Tuesday 2nd with further details.

Update on 21/03/2019:

Contractors were on site yesterday and a crane was used to place strops between the deck and high level beams.  The bridge has been safely lowered and the deck is now lying flat across the canal on the abutments.  

A fabrication supplier is visiting today to determine the repair solution and we will issue an update to the notice when we have further information from the Contractor.

Original message:

Part of the main bridge structure has failed.

The bridge is currently out of action and the navigation is closed.

We are currently mobilising teams to rectify this problem.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Starts At: Lock 14 East, Ramsden Lock
Ends At: Lock 15 East, Golcar Brook Lock

ADVICE (12noon Wednesday 3 April 2019 until further notice)

There is a sand bank in the middle of the channel due to silt washout from recent storms.

Boaters please keep to the edge of the navigation and take care when approaching the area. Signs will be onsite shortly to advise boaters.

Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Lock 8 Wolverley Lock

Starts At: Lock 8 Wolverley Lock
Ends At: Lock 9 Debdale Lock

Update on 12/06/2019:

There is still a partial blockage in the navigation and we are monitoring the stability of the bank.

We will inspect for movement on a daily basis at approximately 8.30am.

 We are requesting if passage can be restricted through the slip between the hours of 8.30am to dusk.

 Please do not moor within 50mt either side of the slip.

Update on 03/04/2019:

For the most part the cutting has remained stable so we are increasing the opening hours to run from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm each day.  Boats will pass through unsupervised, but staff will periodically check the cutting to ensure it remains stable and safe to navigate.

Could we ask boats to kindly slow right down to tickover speed through the slipped section.

This will take effect from 9am on 4th April.

Update on 14/03/2019:

Our contractors have managed to dredge a narrow route through the slippage that will allow boats to pass through under supervision. Further works to stabilise the embankment will be undertaken by Severn Trent & Worcestershire County Council in the near future.

Although the canal is closed between Wolverley and Debdale Locks. Starting on the 14th of March at 3.00pm the closed section will be opened for boats to pass through the slip on the following times each day, to include weekends – 9.00am to 10.00am and 2.00pm to 3.00pm. The open times will be reviewed weekly.

Please note: If any further slips occur the canal maybe temporarily closed again until further investigations have taken place.

Update on 13/03/2019:

Our contractors started to excavate this morning having reviewed the condition of the slope the previous day.

WCC attended site with the Trust and provided us with ongoing advice whilst we carefully removed material form the canal.

Our joint observations confirmed that we could continue to cautiously remove material and were able to create a small channel by late morning and start to supervise the passage boats.

A total of 80T of material was removed from the canal, which given the nature of the work, is a great achievement.

This afternoon five boats had been moved past the slip.

Two unoccupied boats are awaiting passage with our supervision as soon as the owners are contacted.

The canal remains closed whilst we assess the stability of the slope following our operations.  We remain concerned about the unsupported material at the top of the slope which includes the road itself.

Progress to fully reinstate the cutting and support to the road will be investigated by WCC.

Update on 13/03/2019:

During the course of yesterday and today our contractor has been mobilising plant to site.  Despite some very unfavourable conditions they have been able to receive all plant to site using the Lock Inn as an access point. 

They are now ready to start to carefully remove material which they will begin, weather permitting, tomorrow.  We have experienced heavy rain today, saturating and potentially weakening the exposed slope.  We are unsure how the slope will react to our excavation, but we want to give it the best chance.  So we plan to commence works with a full day ahead of us tomorrow.  This will be a critical time in the programme, and so we will update at the end of tomorrows operations hopefully with a better understanding of how successful we think we might be and how long it will take

Update on 07/03/2019:

Our contractors are going to mobilise on Monday the 11th of March and start excavating material on Tuesday the 12th. Please be aware there is a real risk with removing the spoil from the canal because presently it might offer support to the material above it, which in turn supports the road. The works will be monitored by our own Engineers and Worcester Council Engineers and should further slippage occur the spoil excavation works may have to be halted to prevent the road being undermined.  

Further updates will follow on Tuesday the 12th of March.

Original message:

A landslide has caused trees to fall into the canal and block navigation just above Wolverley Locks. As a result, this section of canal will be closed until we are able to remove the trees.

Nottingham & Beeston Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Bridge 1c, Lms Main Line No 25

Friday 28 December 2018 until further notice

As part of the Bridge replacement works, J Murphy & Sons working on behalf of Network Rail will be have a pontoon and scaffolding system in the offside navigational channel, extending approximately 1m into the main (Towpath side) navigational channel. 

The pontoon and scaffolding will be in-situ for
the duration of the works. The main, towpath side channel will remain open with reduced width.     

Liverpool Canal Link

Stoppages & Restrictions

Starts At: Bascule Bridge – Stanley
Ends At: Prince’s Dock Bridge

RESTRICTION (until 5pm Friday 28 June 2019)

Update on 08/04/2019:

Please be advised third party contractors will be undergoing piling works to construct the new bridge widening abutments. These works will be facilitated between 15 April and 22 April, whilst these works are being carried out, passing craft may be asked to wait, no longer than 30 minutes, to allow the third-party contractor to cease works and allow for a safe passage.

Original message:

Third-party contractors will be onsite to undertake construction works to Central Dock Channel Bridge, Liverpool Canal Link.