Stoppages & Restrictions Listings

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Please note: The following events appear in chronological order, not in order that the dates are posted to the website. Therefore the newest listings may not necessarily appear at the top of the list.

Stoppages & Restrictions Listing

Lock 17, Tottenham Lock, Eastern Side

ADVICE (12noon Friday 24 November 2017 until further notice)

Due to Extremely low water levels following an extensive dry weather period CRT request that Tottenham lock is not used unless absolutely essential to try and allow levels to rise.

If CRT are unable to regain levels in the pound between Tottenham and Stonebridge, they may have to close navigation.

Bridge 2, Bedford Street
Up Stream Winding Hole: Upstream of Ivy House Br 12
Down Stream Winding Hole: Caldon Junction with the Trent & Mersey Canal

Update on 21/02/2018:

There have been ongoing discussions between the many stakeholders involved in the Bedford Street Bridge project regarding the design of the works to be carried out. It is now agreed the stakeholder group will work towards finalising and agreeing a design over the summer period and will undertake the works during next year’s winter stoppage programme. As a result, the navigation will remain open until further notice.

Starts At: Galton Bridge, Galton Valley
Ends At: Bromford Lane Bridge

TOWPATH CLOSURE (12noon Friday 23 February until Friday 1 June 2018)

Towpath resurfacing works are to be undertaken between Galton Bridge and Bromford Lane Bridge.  As such the towpath will be closed to allow the works to be carried out safely.

These works are part of the wider BCR Towpath Resurfacing Project.

Starts At: Lock 16
Ends At: Lock 1

Update on 18/04/2018:

Work to re-build the lock chamber wall at Marple Lock 15 have suffered a set-back this week after the brickwork exposed at the base of the lock wall was found to be in very poor condition.  It had been expected that the reconstructed masonry wall would be founded on top of the brickwork section of the wall, however this has not been possible and the wall has now been dismantled down to the invert of the lock. This marks a significant milestone in the project as we have now reached a stable foundation and the brickwork is being rebuilt currently.  Unfortunately this delay has meant that the planned opening date for 4 May is no longer achievable.  A revised schedule has now been developed and CRT anticipate navigation reopening on 25 May.

Update on 27/02/2018:

CRT wanted to update you on the latest progress on site at Marple and to advise you that unfortunately, the Marple Lock Flight will not be open in time for Easter.   It is now aimed to reopen the Marple Lock Flight in time for the May Day Bank Holiday (May 4).

At Lock 15 there have been issues while removing the stone from the towpath side lock chamber wall during the dismantling phase. Some of the stonework has started splitting and crumbling in parts and unfortunately, will not be able to reuse it as expected.  Working with the heritage advisor CRT have managed to source new replacement stone from a local quarry, but the need to have new stones cut and delivered has introduced the delay to reopening the navigation.

The rest of the works are progressing to plan.  They are currently excavating down to a depth of 7m behind the Lock wall and in the next few weeks will be installing the reinforcement steel cages and concreting behind the Lock wall ready for the rebuild.

The other maintenance works on the flight are progressing well too with new lock gates being fitted at Locks 1 and 13, a total of 10 locks have been grouted, large wash wall repairs between Lock 8 & Lock 9, Lock quadrant walls rebuilt and Lock slope towpaths upgraded. Volunteers are also doing a great job removing vegetation, installing new paddle gearing to the locks and fixing some of the towpath where it is in bad condition.

The new railings to Marple Aqueduct is on schedule. They are currently carrying out the ground works on site for the new railings to be installed w/c 27th February.


Bridge 27A, Scarisbrick Bridge

RESTRICTION (until Thursday 31 May 2018)

Update on 15/03/2018:


In order to facilitate bridge repairs, an extension of the below works is required.

Scaffolding will remain in situ on Bridge 27a, Scarisbrick Bridge until 31 May 2018. The scaffold will create a width restriction at the bridge but boat traffic will not be adversely impacted.  Widebeam boats will now be able to pass.

  • The towpath will also be diverted from 21 April to 31 May 2018.

Starts At: Lock 2, Stanthorne Lock
Ends At: Lock 1, Wardle Lock
Up Stream Winding Hole: Between Hollingshead Bridge B16 and Weaver’s Bank Bridge B18
Down Stream Winding Hole: Middlewich Junction

19/03/18 – Update
Engineers and Customer Operations Teams have spent the last few days assessing the breach and prioritising works to be carried out including undertaking a fish rescue and tree assessment
The next steps include putting a portadam in place this week, downstream of the breach which will then enable water to be pumped from the Trent & Mersey Canal into the Middlewich Branch allowing boats in the affected section to be in water
The navigation will still be closed to other boats as passage cannot be gained through Stanthorne Lock
Check out the twitter page @CRTNWalesBorder for more regular updates

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (8am Friday 16 March 2018 until further notice)

As a consequence of an embankment failure the navigation and towpath is closed until further notice.

Lock 26 East

Update on 10/04/2018:

Following a site inspection with contractors CRT have been able to devise a solution to the siltation problems in both Lock 26 and 25 East and are currently negotiating access agreements with a number of land owners in the area to enable them to mobilise plant and equipment to site. The current aim is to start dredging the Locks early next week.

Update on 05/04/2018:

Heavy rainfall and flows into the canal have caused a large amount of silt to be deposited in the lock chambers at Lock 26E and 25E.  This silt is now obstructing the operation of the locks.  Despite repeated attempts to clear the silt, it is apparent that more substantial work is required to clear the silt before the lock can be reopened and the situation has been made much worse over the weekend with localised flooding believed to have brought more material into the canal.

Due to the location of the lock, access for plant and equipment is limited so CRT are currently assessing how the work can be done and the likely duration.

Update on 29/03/2018:

Contractors are on site and they have inspected the lock and there seems to be more silt then they have anticipate, so unfortunately CRT have had to close the navigation through the lock.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (11am Monday 26 March 2018 until further notice)

Due to a build-up of silt at lock 26 East the gates cannot be operated and the canal is closed here.

Teams have been working to remove this silt over the weekend but have unable to clear enough to allow the lock to be operated.

CRT are now mobilising floating craft and further equipment to allow us to remove the remaining silt and hope to have the further equipment on site tomorrow.

Selby Rail Bridge

ADVICE (2pm Monday 26 March until 5pm Saturday 26 May 2018)

Canal & River Trust work closely with Network Rail and are committed to navigational safety and minimising disruption to rail services.

Where it is safe to do so, skippers are asked to avoid requesting bridge swings at peak train times. Network Rail have provided a “timetable” of peak times to be avoided where possible, the link below will take you to that “timetable”. Lowering masts in advance of bridge arrival can also reduce the amount of bridge swings. Details of train times and other useful safety information on navigating the River Ouse can be found at es-and-river-ouse

Skippers of all craft are also asked to observe and follow the instruction on the bridge call up signs located on the river banks on the approaches to Selby.

Although not a mandatory requirement Canal & River Trust strongly recommend the use of marine band VHF radio when on tidal sections of the River Ouse. VHF Marine band radios are the best way of contacting the bridge operator and other river users. All bridges on the River Ouse can be contacted on marine band VHF channel 9. Selby Rail Bridge can also be contacted for requesting swings by telephoning 01904 718028.

Canal & River Trust and Network Rail understand that it may not always be possible to avoid peak train times but where possible, and where safe to do so, this combined with use of the bridge call up signs will improve navigational safety and help travellers depending on essential rail services.

Starts At: Bridge 2, Mearclough
Ends At: Bridge 4, Stern Mill

TOWPATH CLOSURE (8am Monday 26 March until 5pm Friday 15 June 2018)

Towpath repairs are being carried out to improve 1.3km of towpath with a tarmac surface between Bridge 2, Mearclough Bridge to Bridge 4, Stern Mill Bridge at Hollas Lane.

The towpath will be closed in sections during the works with alternative route available via public roads


Selby Rail Bridge

RESTRICTION (2.45pm Monday 26 March 2018 until further notice)

Network Rail have reported that the Selby Swing Bridge over the River Ouse is presently unable to swing. Maintenance teams are investigating the cause of the problem. In the meantime, any vessel not requiring a swing can pass the bridge. For details of available headroom skippers should contact the bridge operator on 01904 525558 before planning passage.

Starts At: Lock 7, Bath Bottom Lock
Ends At: Lock 1, Hanham Lock

Update on 16/04/2018:

River flows are falling between Lock 7 and Lock 1 but still higher than normal.

The River Avon is now designated Amber – Caution.

Only navigate if you are experienced and your journey is essential, and take extra care.

Update on 28/03/2018:

River Avon flows are again very high and the reach between Hanham Lock 1 and Bath Bottom Lock 7 is currently designated Red – Danger. Do not navigate.

Update on 23/03/2018:

The River Avon is now designated Amber – Caution.

Bath Locks will re open  on Saturday 24 March at 9.30am.

Starts At: Lock 41, Plants Lock – Towpath Side
Ends At: Lock 76

ADVICE (8am Saturday 24 March 2018 until further notice)

Following the breach in the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal, CRT are currently in the process of re-filing the drained section.

In order to enable this to be carried out, it utilising water resources from the Trent & Mersey Canal.

Although this water utilisation has been planned to cause as little impact as possible, there may be short term variances in water levels as the breach section is being re-filled.

Should you be in any way concerned about the lowering of the water levels, please contact us on 03030 404040.

Flood Lock, Ledgard

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (3pm Tuesday 27 March 2018 until further notice)

Due to high water levels Ledgard Flood Lock is closed.

Starts At: Lock 2, Minworth
Ends At: Lock 3, Minworth

Update on 20/04/2018:

The navigation is now open.

Update on 18/04/2018:

Work is progressing well on site.  CRT require a small extension to the closure to ensure all debris is removed  from the problem area and will now be opening 8am on Friday morning.


Update on 12/04/2018:

Due to the major problems experienced by customers between Lock 2 and Lock 3 at Minworth, CRT have made the decision to close this section for 4 days next week to carry out a thorough investigation and undertake any works required within the section dewatered.

The closure will start 6pm Sunday April 15 and will run until 6pm  Thursday April 19.  The 4 days are to allow for dewatering, fish rescue, inspection and any work required and then a re-water.


Update on 12/04/2018:

Due to the major problems experienced by customers between Lock 2 and Lock 3 at Minworth, CRT have made the decision to close this section for 4 days next week to carry out a thorough investigation and undertake any works required within the section dewatered.

The closure will start 6pm Sunday 15th April and will run until 6pm Thursday 19th April.  The 4 days are to allow for dewatering, fish rescue, inspection and any work required and then a re-water.

RESTRICTION (8am Monday 26 March 2018 until further notice)

The recent work to repair the bed leaks and the failing walls has been successfully completed between Lock 2 and Lock 3 at Minworth.

However, CRT were unable to fully dredge the silt and remove the extensive debris due to its hazardous nature.  The centre channel within the pound was reinstated to 900mm with the lock landing untouched.

Over the weekend there have been a number of calls from customers with deep drafted boats to say they are unable to travel through the pound.  Before travelling, please ensure the pound level is up and stay in the centre channel.

CRT will be easing this problem further in the short term and, in the long term, seeking to secure funds to do some further dredging works.