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Dave Pearce will join IWA as CEO from 3rd January 2023. Dave will be working 17 hours a week for the association, and his appointment effectively completes the work of Jonathan Smith as Interim CEO at IWA.

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Dave has worked in the charity world for over twenty years as a Chief Executive (older people, working in Africa, visual impairment and hoarders) and before this, twenty-six in the commercial field. He brings a broad range of skills, knowledge, and experience to IWA, as well as being a boat owner. He is passionate about the waterways and everybody who uses them.

Interim CEO, Jonathan Smith says: “My time at IWA has been very rewarding, hard work in putting the building blocks in place to allow the association to deal with its most significant issue – its finances, but also very enjoyable. Reports and campaigns like Waterways for Today are something that ‘only IWA’ can do, with its network of active committed volunteers. We are very effective at protecting and restoring the waterways, but not as good as we need to be at telling our members and the wider world about what we are doing. The association needs to improve its fundraising to ensure it has the money to continue its vital work. As well as our campaigning mindset, we need to have a fund-raising mindset because if we don’t have the finances, put simply, we can’t continue. I have taken the first steps along this path looking at costs and membership rates, but nobody should be under any illusion about the task that lies ahead.

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I have been amazed and humbled by the support I’ve had from across the association, and I’m sure that if we all (as volunteers) can support Dave as I was supported, then he can only be successful. So, I will end my final Bulletin by simply saying thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me, and wishing everyone a very happy new year!”

Towpath Talk would like to welcome Dave in his new role!

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