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This video clip, sponsored by leading boat insurance specialists MS Amlin.

Help the search to find the best name for a boat

Boat owners are being asked to help in the hunt to find the best boat names by MS Amlin, formerly Haven Knox-Johnston, the leading boat insurance specialists.

The idea was prompted by their own name change to become MS Amlin now part of a top 10 global insurance group able to offer cover for all types of craft, all around the world.

Keith Lovett, MS Amlin’s Senior Underwriter, said: “Names are really important – people only give a name to things they really care about – children, their home, pets – and, of course, boats! We’re proud to call ourselves MS Amlin which got us thinking about also celebrating boat names. So we are asking boat owners for stories or photos about boat names, not necessarily their own, and we’ll be giving away Southampton Boat Show tickets each month for the best or funniest name, photo or story”

The search started at this year’s London Boat Show where leading figures in the boating world including Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Russell Currie of Fairline Yachts, Steve Arber of Tingdene Marinas, Graham Davies of Pontos Winches and Mark Jardine of all had their thoughts and suggestions captured on this video.

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If you would like to find out more about MS Amlin, the boat insurance people who share your passion… visit our website and read about the boat types we cover and why our team provide one of the UK’s leading boat insurance services.


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