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Keeping cool in the summer sun


A portable air cooling unit has been produced with boats in mind by British manufacturer TotalCool, based in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

The compact unit is designed to cool the vessel without draining the battery or running the motor whilst on a mooring. It also fits into the motorhome and camping caravan market.

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TotalCool reduces the ambient air temperature by up to 45%, that’s 30 ºC down to 16 ºC through two directional air vents with four fan speed settings.

It has a super low power draw between 1.8 amp on boost and 0.3 amp on the lowest fan speed.

To make this even more portable for use on deck, TotalCool also offers its own specification lithium battery with USB charging and an in-built flashlight. It will run the unit between five and 15 hours.

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Though originally designed for the boating industry, it has other applications such as running vehicles.

TotalCool is the market leader in evaporative cooling technology. A choice of power will run on 12/24 volt or mains voltage.

It only weighs 2kg dry and it runs on tap water to deliver cool filtered air. The cubed shape makes it very stable at only 210mm high 240mm wide and 250mm deep.

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Directional vents deliver the cooled air where required reaching up to 7m out from the vents and 4m wide.

During lockdown, TotalCool worked with the British Aromatherapy Council to add a selection of essential oils to use with its unit for added health benefits slowing airborne bacteria and antiviral qualities.

The TotalCool 3000 air cooler (RRP £375) has a two-year warranty and is available with a TotalFresh essential oils pack (RRP £27.95). You can find it at www.totalcool.co.uk

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You can also order using the quoting code SUWW21 from [email protected] or call 07881 588114 or via Instagram @suzytotalcool.

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