Haven Knox-Johnston launch their next series of “From the Helm” webinars


The Haven Knox-Johnston crew have announced their new series of ‘From the Helm’ webinars, designed to keep all the grounded mariners company throughout the long winter months and beyond.

Haven Knox-Johnston launch their next series of “From the Helm” webinars

From the comfort of the main saloon, you can tune in to expert advice about the latest maritime matters or embark on extraordinary boating adventures, all while discovering the practical steps to make these dreams a seaworthy reality.
First on the viewing agenda is: “Navigating the switch to lithium batteries onboard your boat”.  This flagship webinar will be held on November 23rd at 7.30 pm.
The webinar is for all boaters considering switching to lithium batteries but finding themselves anchored by concerns about costly installations, lifeless batteries, or even worse, a blaze aboard their vessel. They can join a seasoned crew of industry experts for an informative webinar to discuss lithium batteries’ risks, rewards and installation factors.
During this webinar, participants will:

*Explore the benefits of switching to lithium batteries. Gain insights into the cost implications associated with installing lithium batteries on your vessel
*Examine the potential risks of having lithium batteries onboard.
*Learn practical strategies for managing lithium-ion batteries onboard your vessel.
And have all your burning questions answered by the expert panel. 

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The crew of maritime experts includes:
1) Paul Bailey, Technical Director at Marine Energy Systems
2) Renowned marine surveyor, Ben Sutcliffe-Davies 
3) Leading fire expert, Dr Peter Mansi 
The expert panel will address all the latest developments, offer balanced perspectives and deliver straightforward advice that will hopefully stop any boaters feeling lost at sea.
Paul Knox-Johnston, Sales & Marketing Manager at Haven Knox-Johnson, commented: “When we moor up our boats for the winter, we can often feel adrift, but our “From the Helm” webinar series is designed to help connect the boating community and discuss the topics that we care about.
“Lithium batteries have become a real ocean-worthy subject of late, and with the sea of conflicting opinions, it can be hard to make an informed decision. In this webinar, we’ve assembled a crew of industry experts to debate this topical issue and help our audience navigate fact from fiction.”
To secure a berth on the “Navigating the switch to lithium batteries onboard your boat” webinar, simply click on the following link to register: 


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