Selby Canal

Start date: March 7, 2022
End date: May 23, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Stoppages & Restrictions

Selby Swingbridge 1

Update on 20/05/2022:

The bridge is operational and will continue to be over the weekend.

We will closely monitor the operation of the swingbridge as the cooler weather is enabling the swingbridge to function at the moment.

Update on 19/05/2022:

We will be carrying out a 9am penn only tomorrow as later on in the day the heat swells the bridge making it unable to be operated.

Original message:

Selby Swingbridge is unable to swing due to an electricial fault and the heat.

There will be no passage available today. But we will have assistance to carry out a one off penn tomorrow at 9am.

We will update the notice shortly after this on the decisions to be made going forward to this swingbridge.

Update on 05/04/2022:

Engineers have been on site today and have repaired the Swingbridge.

Assisted passage is no longer needed and the swingbridge is operational.

Update on 11/03/2022:

We have had to remove the running gear which open/close the Selby Swingbridge to be refurbished.Due to this bridge is now closed and the power to the pedestal turned off.

It is currently now unable to swing, but will be done manually and safely by two members of our Operative Team for skippers.

Assisted passage will be available starting from Monday 14th March with the operating hours will be between 09:00 and 15:00 each day.

Due to the number of staff available, we need to be given 48 hours notice by phoning the Customer Service Team on 03030 404040 and we can book in the date and times that is wished for.

Update on 09/03/2022:

Following the meeting on site this morning, with the Hydraulic Engineer, our Contractual Team and AMCO, are still in further discussions.

We hope to have an update early next week.

We are looking into, possibly putting in a manned operating schedule in place for passage whilst the operational issues are being resolved.

We will update the notice next week.

Update on 08/03/2022:

Following investigations, we are now aware that the bridge fails to work on it’s second cycle due to misalignment with the sensors caused by play in the bushes and pins in the linkage.

AMCo are sending a hydraulics engineer to site at 08:00 on Wednesday morning to assess and will update this notice following their visit.

ADVICE (12.30pm Monday 7 March 2022 until further notice)

Unfortunately, Selby Swingbridge has encountered an operational issue and is currently unable to operate.

The teams are looking into the issue and we will update the notice when further information is received.