River Thames

Start date: February 22, 2022
End date: April 14, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Stoppages & Restrictions


Updated on 24/03/2022

Lock closures:

4 January 2022 –   
31 March 2022
Cookham LockRefurbishing lock sluices and replacing the lock chamber vertical rubbing timbers.
17 January 2022 – 
1 April

Bray Lock  Replacement of lock chamber rubbing fenders, undertaking partial lock side resurfacing and improving the lock gate anchor system.
31 January 2022 –  
31 March 2022
Penton Hook LockReconstruction of lock gate anchor points, undertaking partial lock side resurfacing and improving the emergency access to the upstream breakwater structure.
31 January 2022 – 
13 April

Rushey Lock  Reconstruction of chamber stairwells to incorporate a recessed egress ladder, replacing some lock chamber fenders and undertaking partial lock side resurfacing.
4 February 2022 – 
7 April 2022
Blakes LockResurfacing the existing head landing path and refurbishing the lock head bullnoses.

Canoe portage construction will now commence in April 2022 and this work will not require the lock to be closed.
17 February 2022 –
1 April 2022
Goring LockReconstruction of access steps to tail of Lock Island, replacement head landing timber fenders and reconstruction of short stay mooring path (Thames Path).
21 February 2022 –
31 March 2022
Romney Lock  Replacement of lock chamber fenders that have exceeded their design life.
Customers with an urgent need to pass through the lock will be accommodated.
14 February 2022 –
11 March 2022
Sonning LockReplacement of tail landing stage pile timbers.