River Soar

Start date: July 21, 2021

Est. end if know: August 6, 2021

Stoppages & Restrictions

Lock 58 – Ratcliffe Lock

Update on 30/07/2021:

The gate is secured in the cup, but the cup has sank.

The lock can now be operated, but boaters are asked to use with caution.

We have managed to clear a large amount of debris from the cill, which has improved things.

A stoppage will still be required in the future and we will update the website once this is planned in.

Update on 30/07/2021:

Our maintenance team are now on site and assessing the full extent of the damage and what repairs are needed.  We will soon have an update on time scale for when they will have the lock working again.

Update on 30/07/2021:

There is some concerning misinformation circulating that the lock is repaired and open. This is NOT the case. The lock gates are not positioned correctly in the quoin cups and unauthorised use is dangerous. Please do not be tempted to attempt passage through the lock until notified by us that the repair is complete.

Our engineering team are working in the background drawing up plans for a safe repair and our construction team are on site this morning.

Although it appears there is no work going on, in the background contractors, plant and machinery required have been arranged and are being mobilised to site. As we are dependent on this machinery coming from a variety of locations it takes time to get it to site and set up. We are working as quickly as possible to reopen the navigation.

We share the frustrations of our boating customers and thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Kind regards


Dan Whyment

Regional Operations Manager

Update on 28/07/2021:

Unfortunately, the combination of the build-up of silt and to much force being used to operate the lock, has meant one of the lock gates is now very badly damaged, which means the lock can no longer be operated.

We are awaiting a full assessment of the damage caused and an update on when the required works can begin.  The site will most likely need to be re-dredged and the lock gate repaired by our maintenance team.

We do not currently have a time scale with regards how quickly we can carry out these required works, but as soon as we have more information, we will update the website.

Boaters cannot currently operate this lock.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (Wednesday 21 July 2021 until further notice)

Due to a build up of silt and debris, the bottom gate is now at an angle, which is making passage through the lock extremely difficult.
We are advising customers not to operate the lock at this moment in time.
Our local team were on site yesterday trying to clear the debris and assisting boats through, but we unfortunately do not have the capacity to do this today.
This situation will be reviewed and as soon as CRT have an update on the plan of action for this lock, they will update their website accordingly.