River Great Ouse – Ely Ouse

Start date: December 6, 2021
End date: March 5, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Stoppages & Restrictions

Ely Pump Out – Willow Walk Ely

Update on 03/03/2022:

The new pump has been fitted at Ely Pump Out and is now fully operational. Our Navigation Updated Advisory Notice of 2 March 2022 is therefore rescinded.

ADVICE (Tuesday 2 March 2022 until rescinded)

Further to our last advisory notice on Ely Pump-out dated 24 February 2022
this is a further update. Due to supplier issues beyond everyone’s control,
our engineer is still awaiting delivery of the new pump. There is now a
possibility this will not be fitted by the end of the week as first envisaged. We
will of course let you know as soon as the engineer is able to fit the new
pump and is once again operational.

Update on 24/02/2022:

Further to our last advisory notice on Ely Pump-out dated 11 January 2022
this is a further update. The new pump has now been received by the
supplier and dispatched and is now enroute to our engineer who is planning
currently to install the pump next week, commencing Monday 28th February

  1. We will of course confirm when this has been completed by formally
    rescinding this navigation advisory notice and letting people know the pump
    is once again operational.
    In addition, we also have a shared online TeamUp calendar that you can
    access that is kept updated on a best endeavours basis to indicate pump-out
    station status at a glance. You are able to access this calendar via;
    if you have the TeamUp mobile device app, available via the Google Play
    Store on android or the Apple App Store on IOS devices you can add the
    calendar to the app via entering this following calendar key;


Further to our previous navigation notices relating to the pump out
at Ely, several attempts have been made to repair the unit but it has
now been deemed a write off. We are urgently sourcing a new
pump but with the current issues and uncertainties being faced by
supply chains generally at this time we have been advised that this
will take at least 5-6 week lead time before this can be delivered
and fitted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but is beyond
our control. Alternative pump outs on the river Gt Ouse can be
found at Westview Marina and Denver.

ADVICE (Wednesday 8 December 2021 until rescinded)

Please be advised that the pump out at Ely is temporarily out of

It has been found the damaged has occurred to the piston
and head of the pump out unit, caused as a result of a bolt being
sucked up. Unfortunately a temporary repair cannot be effected so
new parts are on order. We hope to carry out the repair ASAP.