River Great Ouse

Start date: December 23, 2020

Est. end if know: February 9, 2021

Stoppages & Restrictions

River Little Ouse Brandon Lock

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (Until 8 February 2021)


Please be aware that a fish / eel pass is being installed at Brandon
Sluice and following the preliminary works completed (see our
Navigation Restriction Notice), full construction works will be
implemented between 1 November & 8 February 2021 resulting in
Brandon Lock being closed for this period.


If you are usually moored upstream of Brandon Lock you may wish to
relocate your vessel down stream whilst these works are being
undertaken if you intend to navigate the River Little Ouse during this
period. Levels may also fluctuate throughout the works so we
recommend mooring your vessel with lines and rope arrangements
suitable of accommodating fluctuating water levels (Spring lines for
example). Vessels may potentially have increased risk of grounding or
coming into contact with other obstructions not usually present. We
would also recommend you check on your craft regularly through this
period and notify us of any problems.


For further information, please contact James Dyke, Fisheries & Biodiversity on