Lancaster Canal

Start date: June 24, 2020

Est. end if know: September 29, 2020

Stoppages & Restrictions

Aqueduct B.107, Lune Aqueduct

ADVICE (7am Monday 22 June until 7pm Monday 28 September 2020)

Please be advised third party contractors will be onsite at Lune Aqueduct on the Lancaster Canal to carry out Phase 1 in the construction of the Flood Defence Wall along the South/East bank of the River Lune.
Whilst the towpath and navigation will remain open, the riverside pathway will be closed throughout the works. Signage will be installed informing all our customers and path users of the works ahead.
We politely request all customers to approach the area with caution and to listen to any advice that may be given by the onsite banksmen.
An update will be provided in September 2020 when Phase 2 of the works to the Southwest of the aqueduct are due to commence.