Grand Union Canal/Northampton Arm

Start date: March 26, 2022
End date: March 30, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Planned Stoppages

Brickworks/Turnover Bridge (Grand Union Canal) and Banbury Lane/Wootton Bridge (Northampton Arm)

Intersection of: Bridge 47, Turnover Bridge to Bridge 47, Turnover Bridge on Grand Union Canal and Bridge 9 to Bridge 9 on Northampton Arm (GU Canal)

ADVICE (Monday 28 March until Tuesday 29 March 2022)

Last year we conducted some coring assessments on two bridges along the Grand Union and Northampton Arm.

We are looking to return to Brickworks/Turnover bridge on Monday 28th and Banbury Lane/Wootton Bridge on Tuesday 29th to complete these assessments.

 The towpath and navigation will remain open, we are just asking the public to be patient as works are completed and to follow any advice given on site.

A pontoon will on site for both days which can be moved to allow other boats past.

Appropriate signs will be placed on the towpath to inform pedestrians and boaters of the works before reaching the bridges.