Grand Union Canal

Start date: May 24, 2022
End date: June 3, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Stoppages & Restrictions

Starts At: Lock 75, Cassiobury Park
Ends At: Lock 76, Cassiobury Park
Up Stream Winding Hole: South of Winkwell Lock 61
Down Stream Winding Hole: South of Common Moor Lock 79

Update on 31/05/2022:

Please be advised that the required repair works have now been carried out to lock 75, and the navigation has now been re-opened to all crafts.

Update on 24/05/2022:

Following an engineering assessment of lock 75 navigation for narrow beam boats is now available.

Entry into the lock from above will be through a single top gate on the offside.

The top Gate on the towpath side will be secured in the closed position.

Navigation for widebeam boats is not available at this time.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (7.45pm Monday 23 May 2022 until further notice)

Navigation closed until further notice.

Further updates to follow tomorrow following an engineering inspection of lock 75