Grand Union Canal

Start date: August 20, 2020

Est. end if know: September 26, 2020

Planned Stoppages

Gas pipe footbridge 300m South of Bridge 80, Rowood Drive

Bridge 79A, Solihull Gas Footbridge

ADVICE (8am Tuesday 1 September until 6pm Friday 25 September 2020)

The navigation and towpath remain open when contractors remove gas pipe attached to the footbridge and part buried within the towpath. Towpath users may encounter a short delay during specific operations such as cutting of the gas pipe. For safety reasons, the towpath at this location will be closed locally and we kindly ask towpath users to follow instructions to divert onto a floating pontoon in order to safely pass by the work area. The works will be undertaken from the footbridge with precautions in place to prevent any debris from entering the canal. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.