Caldon Canal

Start date: July 26, 2022
End date: July 31, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Stoppages & Restrictions

Bridge 11, Ivyhouse Road Lift Bridge

Starts At: Lock 1 Bedford Street
Ends At: Bridge 11, Ivyhouse Road Lift Bridge
Up Stream Winding Hole: Bridge 1
Down Stream Winding Hole: Bridge 17 Foxley Drawbridge

Update on 29/07/2022:

The bridge has now been repaired and is free to use.

Update on 29/07/2022:

Our contractors will continue with their plans to provide assisted passage at Ivyhouse Lift Bridge including this morning at 9am.

The defective component removed earlier in the week remains under repair today, the contractors will endeavour to return and complete the installation ASAP.

A further update will be provided Monday AM.

Update on 26/07/2022:

We have arranged for our contractors to attend site Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10:00 – 10:30 where they will operate the bridge, providing passage to waiting crafts.

The defective road barrier component is being removed this afternoon and a replacement sourced.

A further update will still be provided by 28/07/2022.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (11.30pm Tuesday 26 July 2022 until further notice)

Our contactors have identified a defective road barrier. The asset cannot be operated until the barrier parts are replaced.

We are sourcing replacement parts.

An update will be provided by noon 28th July.