Caldon Canal

Start date: February 26, 2021

Est. end if know: March 13, 2021

Stoppages & Restrictions

Bridge 23, Long Butts Drawbridge
Up Stream Winding Hole: Endon Basin, between bridges 27 and 28.
Down Stream Winding Hole: Foxley, between bridges 16a and 18.

Monday 4 January 2021 08:00 until Friday 12 March 2021 16:00

Update on 25/02/2021:


Our repairs at Bridge 23 have been severely hampered by recent weather conditions. Flooding resulted in the fabric dams having to be re-positioned on two occasions and the freezing conditions meant it was not possible to continue with the masonry repairs which form the majority of work being undertaken.   Although much of this lost time has been recovered, we will still need an additional week to complete the works.

We hope to re-open the navigation by 12th March.