District Enforcement launches moorings management solution


SPECIALIST enforcement company District Enforcement has launched the first commercially available moorings management solution, enabling landowners to tackle the problem of moorings abuse.

District Enforcement has been working with the Canal & River Trust and other authorities.

This follows successful trials and contracts with the likes of the Canal & River Trust, Reading Borough Council and Historic Royal Palaces, who are working with District Enforcement to better manage their waterways.
District’s solution provides landowners, water authorities and local authorities with a contractual regulation model and management service that is based on and used by car parks nationally.

This approach allows waterways, landowners and facilities management teams to better manage and deter the growing problem of trespass, and of individuals mooring on private land without permission, through the use of enforcement teams.

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Managing Director Dyl Kurpil said: “Recent changes have been introduced to ensure vessels are licenced, insured and have a valid boat safety certificate; something that is key for liveaboard boats.

“Additional moorings are urgently required to ensure a positive experience for all users – and navigation authorities are failing to maximise a revenue stream that could be used to improve local facilities, paths and access points too.”

He added: “Change is required, and this is where outsourced moorings management solutions can help. Collaborating with a proven and trusted partner that has the correct contractual regulation model and management service in place allows waterways, landowners, local authorities and facilities management teams to deal more effectively with this problem, ensuring fair access for all along UK waterways.”

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