Drinker Moth

Bioblitz New Cut Trail and Paddington Meadows 

9th and 10th July 2022 and 27th August 2022

At last the annual Bioblitz can go ahead which is a snapshot of the variety of life found in the area. On the days of the events, wildlife experts and the members of the public will be able to work together to find out and record the biodiversity of the “patch”. They’re hoping to find, identify and record species of plants, animals, birds and insects.

Drinker Moth
Drinker Moth – interesting little character

The format for the Bioblitz has been changed from previous years in that the event is spread over several days, so that the individual surveys are less constricted. Provided the weather is fine the schedule of events will be as follows, but are subject to change:

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Saturday 9th July

6.00 am inspection of Moth Traps, Paddington Meadows – meet at Larkfield Avenue, entrance to Paddington Meadows with Jeff Gorse.

7.00 am Bird Survey – meet at Picnic tables Woolston Park South with Steve Atkins

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11.00 am Brunch at Picnic tables Woolston Park South,12.00 noon finish

Bank Vole
Bank Vole – not looking too impressed but soon on his merry way!

Sunday 10th July

7.00 am inspection of Mammal Traps meet at Larkfield Avenue entrance to Paddington Meadows with Tony Parker

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Followed by 8.00 am inspection of Moth Traps on Paddington Meadows

9.00 am Breakfast at Picnic tables Woolston Park South

10.00 am Dragonfly Survey (New Cut Trail and River Mersey) followed by Clearwing Moth survey (Boardwalk) – meet at Picnic tables Woolston Park South

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12.00 noon finish

Saturday 27th August

8.00 pm to 10.30 pm approx. (details to be finalised) Bat Walk and Survey. This will allow for any children wishing to attend with their parents/guardians, not be kept out too late.

Elephant Hawk Moth
Elephant Hawk Moth

The visiting experts will include: 

Tony Parker recently retired Assistant Zoology Curator at Liverpool World Museum and Cheshire County Recorder for Mammals and Cheshire County Recorder for Aculeata (Bees, Wasps and Ants);

Jeff Gorse local Naturalist, Lancashire Wildlife Trust;

Steve Atkins Assistant County Bird Recorder – Greater Manchester 

Harold (Batman) Green and Michael Smith from Billinge Bat Rescue.

Details of meeting locations

Picnic tables Woolston Park South access from New Cut Lane, WA1 4EG, across metal footpath bridge over Spittle Brook. Grid Ref of the meeting point is SJ 6376 8903; the location is behind (west of) Warrington Fencing.

Larkfield Avenue, Paddington, WA1 3NE. Gateway into Paddington Meadows

e-mail:  info@newcuttrail.com

email:   birding@newcuttrail.com


Facebook: New Cut Heritage and Ecology Group

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