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Oxford Canal

Stoppages & Restrictions

Third party bridge vegetation works

Bridge 226a Railway

ADVICE (Wednesday 10 June until Thursday 11 June 2020)

Due to essential works required by Stobart Rail, involving vegetation management adjacent the towpath. The Towpath users are advised of some intermittent delays that may occur during the works, effecting the area adjacent Roundham Railway Bridge.

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Stoppages & Restrictions

Yarm Railway Viaduct Dive Inspection

RESTRICTION (8am-6pm Tuesday 10 March 2020)

Contractors will be undertaking a dive inspection of the structure.
Inspection of the bridge will be taking place to ensure it’s in a safe condition. The Contractor will use diving techniques with a support boat.
Please can skippers of all craft slow down and approach the area with caution. There may be delays of up to 20 minutes whilst the contractors move the divers out of the way.