Caldon Canal

Start date: February 19, 2021

Est. end if know: March 30, 2021

Stoppages & Restrictions

Starts At: Bridge 1, Etruria Footbridge
Ends At: Bridge 13 Cromer Road
Up Stream Winding Hole: Bircheshead Winding Hole
Down Stream Winding Hole: Next to Bridge 1, Etruria Footbridge

Update on 26/02/2021:

The canal has been dewatered between Ivy House Road Lift Bridge and Bucknall Road bridge for investigation purposes. An inspection carried out on the 22nd February indicated that works were required to be undertaken in the bed of the canal before it can be refilled and fully reopened to boat traffic. Works will commence immediately, so closures of the canal and towpath will remain in place for the safety of the public and we intend to reopen the canal and towpath on the 29th March 2021 at 6pm.

Update on 18/02/2021:

Please be advised the towpath is only closed between Bridge 11 Ivyhouse Road Lift Bridge and Bridge 13 Cromer Road.

The navigation is closed from Bridge 1, Etruria Footbridge to Bridge 13 Cromer Road.

Update on 18/02/2021:

Please refer to stoppage notice for the latest information.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (until 6pm Friday 5 March 2021)

The navigation and towpath are closed.
The navigation is closed between Bridge 1, Etruria Footbridge and Bridge 13 Cromer Road when works are carried out to investigate the canal bed above the embankment at Ivy House Road. In order to undertake the investigation, dams are required to be installed and the navigation de-watered for a short period. The towpath will be also closed during investigation for safety reasons.