Taking steps to reduce plastic pollution

PLASTIC pollution is an issue that everyone is talking about. With marine life washing up on shores across the world with stomachs full of carrier bags, the world has finally started to take notice of the problem plastic continues to cause.

The world’s current population is responsible for 320 million tons of plastic waste and, scarily, this figure is set to double by 2034. The issue has grown through negligence and convenience, people have gotten into the habit of buying plastic bottles of water while out and then throwing the empty bottle in general waste bins in pubic, and these bottles end up in landfill or in our water and can take up to 450 years to decompose.

There are many ways that people can reduce plastic waste and boaters are no exception to this. There are plenty of recyclable and reusable options available, allowing people to ditch the plastic. For example, instead of using disposable plastic straws which are finding their way into the noses of turtles and the stomachs of whales, invest in a metal straw. This can be washed after every use and eliminates the need to use plastic.

There are several steps that boaters can take to help reduce the amount of plastic making it into the British waterways and beyond. So, before you enquire about boat moorings research how to live sustainably on the water.