STTV work through the heat!

AFTER a brief interlude, July saw the Small Task Team Volunteers visiting   Acton Bridge on the River Weaver where there were several jobs to be done, although it was very hot.

Rebuilding of the old steps proved more difficult than it seemed at first sight, as  there was a big boulder buried  just where the bottom step needed to be. But perseverance was    rewarded and the steps were duly completed.

There were many tall bollards, many with red rust on one side. These were painted and touched up on the following day.

An old fence runs round the area, keeping the unwary off the steep bank. This also needed some work before painting could begin, but the end result was quite pleasing in spite of some holes in  the uprights.

Painting the mooring bollards was completed just as the first boat arrived.

Work lined up in the coming months includes revisiting Acton Bridge where there is more fencing needed as well as a possible second coat of paint to the quayside.

STTV’s services are also called for on the Llangollen Canal at locks including Marbury,  Quoisely, Willey Moor and Povey’s, but the volunteers first have to go to Ellesmere Festival and Whiitchurch Rally with the STTV stall and trip boat service.

New membersare welcomed, contact  John Riley on 01352 741322/07518 040632,