STTV two-day work party at Calveley

THE Small Tasks Team Volunteers split into three groups for its recent two-day work party at Calveley.

The first task was to tackle painting, clearing mooring rings and refurbishing the seat.

Another group set to work to prepare the ground for a new walkway. This was to avoid any further mishaps on the                slippery path round the  old ‘turn-over’ bridge by providing a protecting fence, a hard-core surface and some steps.

Ed Moss, the national volunteer manager, who was visiting for the day helped with this.

The third group was responsible for making a decent and safe way round and under the bridge. This was important for the contractors who have to bring their mowers down this slope without falling in the canal! This proved a bigger job than envisaged as a spade just bounced off what appeared to be a grassy slope. After much wrestling with roots and rocks, the ground was prepared and the stone installed.

The Middlewich breach saw the STTV summoned to Nantwich, but before that they gave attention to the way down to the canal by Swanley Bridge. A fence which had been partly demolished by a fallen conifer, had been repaired, so the volunteers painted it and took the opportunity to give the whole fence another coat.

At Nantwich, the volunteers were divided into two groups. The smaller group painted all  the furniture at the picnic site and some of the seats on the aqueduct.

After lunch, the groups  combined; the larger group had                reconstructed the long fence down the ramp near the aqueduct and once finished everyone painted it!