Snowy by Berlie Doherty

New edition of children’s favourite

Reviewer: Oliver Brooks, aged 7

A NEW edition of award-winning children’s book Snowy has been issued ahead of its author Berlie Doherty appearing at the Crick Boat Show to sign copies.

This delightful tale, beautifully illustrated by Keith Bowen, originally won the Children’s Book Award Picture Book of the Year in 1993.
Our young reviewer writes: “This book is about a girl called Rachel who lives on a narrowboat, which she calls Beetle Juice, with her family.

“They have a horse called Snowy; she is a horse that pulls the boat and is my 
favourite character.

“It was sad in the story when Rachel wanted to take Snowy to school for pet day but couldn’t.

“My favourite part was when Rachel and her class went to see the narrowboat that was her home. Her mum and dad worked on the narrowboat taking people for trips and took the children on a trip with Snowy pulling it.”

Berlie explains: “I wrote the picture book after I had spent a week of mornings on a narrowboat with children from schools in North Cheshire. The barge was called Betelgeuse, and a little girl called Rachel did own it with her mum and dad. And their boat horse was 
called Snowy.”

Snowy by Berlie Doherty, illustrated by Keith Bowen, published by Troika Books, £6.99. ISBN: 978-0-09573013-9-9. Buy Snowy now on Amazon>>