Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal

Start date: February 19, 2021

Est. end if know: March 6, 2021

Planned Stoppages

Starts At: Lock 21 Botterham Top Lock
Ends At: Lock 20 Botterham Bottom Lock

Up Stream Winding Hole: 100mt North of Giggetty Bridge 44
Down Stream Winding Hole: 25mt South of Hinksford lock 17

Update on 25/02/2021:

Please be advised the winding hole information has been updated. The works are still scheduled to start from 4pm 1st March to 4pm 5th March.

Update on 22/02/2021:

Please be advised the navigation is closed from 4pm 1st March to 5pm 5th March 2021.

Update on 19/02/2021:

The works will take place between 5pm 1st March and 5pm 5th March 2021.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (7am Monday 1 March until 5pm Friday 5 March 2021)

The navigation will be closed but towpath will remain open.
Repair works are required to the spillway at Lock 20, Botterham Bottom Lock. The locks cannot be in use as the spillway needs to remain dry for works to be carried out effectively. Without the repair works being completed, it has the potential to lead to subsidence, collapse and localised flooding.