Rivers Great Ouse and Stour

Start date: July 9, 2020

Est. end if know: October 9, 2020

Stoppages & Restrictions

ADVICE (until further notice)

Please note that we have been made aware of the existence of toxic blue green algae on certain parts of the navigation. These are more likely to be on back waters, within marinas and where there is slower flowing shallower water. The bright blue / green presence of
this algae can be quite distinctive and should be avoided by people and especially swimmers and pets.

We therefore strongly advise against swimming in the river for this and other pathogens that may be present and also refraining from allowing dogs to go into the
water at present. As usual good hygiene practices should be followed after any contact with river water or river banks including thorough hand washing before eating or as soon as possible after visiting the river.
Should anyone feel unwell after being in contact with river water people should seek urgent medical advice and assistance and let your health professional caring for you know that you have been in recent contact with river water and that toxic blue green algae could have been present. This will enable them to more rapidly test and better treat you and avoid any delays in administering any courses of medication.