Ripon Canal

Start date: May 20, 2021

Est. end if know: August 1, 2021

Stoppages & Restrictions

Ripon basin to Oxclose Lock closure
Starts At: Bypass Bridge 1
Ends At: Lock 3, Oxclose Lock

Update on 01/06/2021:

The team are currently using a workboat to bring 100 tonnes of gravel to the lock to place in the 65m3 void beneath the floor of the lock chamber.

We will then use a grouting contractor to grout around the gravel to make it into a solid mass which will then be able to support the lock structure and floor above it. The grouting contractor will be on site early next week.

At this stage we anticipate that the works will take up to 6 weeks to complete, though this is dependent on the site not flooding.

We appreciate how frustrating this closure is, especially at this time of year and as the lockdown relaxes, and so we will do everything we can to improve upon this timescale.

Update on 21/05/2021:

The outcome of our investigation into the failure of the lock is that the timber floor is damaged and there is a large void underneath, preventing the lock from holding water. Although we initially tried to address the issue with a dive team, the shear scale of the problem meant we have had to drain the lock and install temporary dams to gain a better view of the problem.

On checking the damage, our engineers estimate the size of the void is 20m3 and have concluded the best approach is to remove the damaged timbers and to fill the void with grout. Specialist equipment needs to be brought it to achieve this and our grouting contractor will be on site today to determine a safe method of working. At the same time the team are sourcing new timbers for the lock floor and lead in times to procure such timber is currently several weeks, though we will attempt to reduce this.

The condition of the lock is not suitable for our own craneboat to bring in the equipment and the site has restricted access, so permissions are required from the neighbouring landowners to allow access for the plant and equipment across their land, further hindered by poor weather and higher than normal water levels. Such an approach requires detailed planning not least to ensure the canal banks are strong enough to hold the weight of the equipment.

The team have had to extend the closure to include Bellfurrows Lock and Rhodesfield Lock to be able to control the water in the area and to some extent the progress of the works will be dependent on downstream river levels.

Our engineers will now complete the design and we will aim to update this notice with a planned reopening date next week.

NAVIGATION CLOSURE (4pm Wednesday 19 May 2021 until further notice)

Following the recent closure of Oxclose lock a stoppage is underway to investigate the failure and then undertake repairs.

To assist in the repairs, it has become necessary to close the Ripon Canal, including Rhodesfield and Bellfurrows Locks.

This is needed to prevent the site from being overwhelmed with water from upstream during the works and ensure a safe working environment is maintained.

We have our engineers on site Thursday 20th May 2021 to formalise a plan of works. We will look to complete these works as soon as possible.