Ripon Canal

Start date: December 28, 2021
End date: May 31, 2022
Stoppages & Restrictions

Lock 3, Oxclose Lock

Update on 12/01/2022:

Following a second hole that appeared at Oxclose Lock prior to the Christmas period the lock remains closed. We have determined that the hole is directly under one of the lower balance beams, with the area fenced off to prevent access to unstable ground.

Our engineers visited the site earlier this week and are currently designing a repair. This will likely include grouting the lock wall and filling the void, in the same way that the previous hole was repaired last summer. The lock will remain closed until these works are completed.

In the meantime, emergency passage may be available for narrowboats using the unaffected gate only. If you wish to discuss emergency passage options with a member of the team then please do give us a call on 03030 404040

Update on 29/12/2021:

 A second sink hole has appeared under the lobby side downstream balance beam. Navigation through the lock is now not possible and both the upstream and downstream sluices have been locked off to prevent access. The lock will remain empty to prevent further damage to the lock structure. CRT apologies for this inconvenience. Engineers have been informed and will be on site early in the New Year.

RESTRICTION (9.45am Monday 27 December 2021 until further notice)

The Navigation at Oxclose Lock is currently restricted due to a sink hole developing next to the lock.

For safety reasons we have fenced off the area, therefore Oxclose is only available for passage to narrow boats operating on single gates.

This notice will be updated once engineers have assessed and repairs have been carried out.