Kingswood Arm (N Stratford Canal)

Start date: October 29, 2021
End date: January 31, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Planned Stoppages

Kingswood Railway Bridge

RESTRICTION (8am Monday 1 November 2021 until 5pm Sunday 30 January 2022)

The navigation and towpath will remain open.

As part of the upcoming bridge deck replacement works, Story Contracting Ltd on behalf of Network Rail will be installing pontoons in the navigation and scaffolding over the navigation, as part of their safe method of working. Pontoons will be installed on the offside of the canal reducing the navigable width of the navigation, the scaffolding will slightly reduce the existing headroom under the bridge.

Boaters will be allowed to pass, causing minimal disruption to the canal network. Bankside colleagues and signage will be utilised to manage canal traffic, care should be taken whilst passing through this section.