Caldon Canal

Start date: May 30, 2020

Est. end if know: September 30, 2020

Stoppages & Restrictions

Bridge 44, Basford Lane Bridge

Update on 03/08/2020:

The works will need to be extended until 25th September as nesting birds have been found on site.

Update on 02/07/2020:

Please be advised that works to repair the damage to Bridge 44 on the Caldon Canal will start on site from the 6th July, and these are expected to take approximately 6 weeks. With a road closure currently being necessary, we have progressed this work as soon as we have been able to, and apologise for the ongoing inconvenience caused to local residents.

The repairs require a scaffold structure to be erected around the bridge, which will reduce the height clearance for boats passing underneath slightly to 2.2m. We ask that boats take care passing through the works area at the bridge, and under some circumstances may be asked to wait short durations for safety reasons. A temporary crossing will be put in place for pedestrians to be able to get from one side of the canal to the other.

Friday 29 May 2020 13:00 until further notice

Type: Towpath Closure
Reason: Structure failure

Original message:

The towpath is closed at Basford Lane Bridge, due to vehicle impact and the bridge has become unstable. Diversions are in place for towpath users. Please follow signage on either side of the bridge and along the diversion route to re-join the towpath. Thank you for your co-operation.