Destination South Kyme funding success

SLEAFORD Navigation Trust is delighted to announce that funding has been secured for their project Destination South Kyme.

An application for EU funding under the Kesteven’s LEADER Fund has been successful and the agreement between the Trust and the funding agency was signed on February 27.

Destination South Kyme will see the creation of two landing stages in the village of South Kyme to encourage temporary mooring by visiting boats.

While both will be accessible to narrowboats and smaller cruisers, one will be at a lower height to facilitate canoe access.

Awareness that there is safe mooring without having to resort to the use of a gangplank will help make the Sleaford Navigation and South Kyme an attractive diversion and stopping off point for boats travelling along the River Witham and help to make more people aware of the Navigation.

An easily accessible path to the landing stages will provide the facility for local residents and visitors alike to enjoy proximity to the water.

The funding also allows for a series of interpretative boards making visitors by land and water aware of the heritage of waterway which brought trade and prosperity to Sleaford in the 18th century.

Information will also help visitors to explore South Kyme but will also point them to other linked locations and venues where they can learn more about the historic importance of the navigation to the local economy.

The Trust will be working with North Kesteven District Council to develop the connections with the Sleaford Museum, Navigation House and Cogglesford Mill in Sleaford.