CRT to replace 12 lock gates along Chesterfield Canal

THE Canal & River Trust has begun a comprehensive programme of works to repair and replace 12 lock gates along the 46-mile Chesterfield Canal this winter.

A team has started replacing gates at Locks 30 and 31 Brickyard Double Lock near Shireoaks before moving on to Lock 29 Milestone Lock to replace gates there, and will also support the Environment Agency as it carries out pressure tests on Lock 65 West Stockwith Lock and Flood Gate.

In January 2019, the final phase of the works will be at Locks 26 to 28 Thorpe Locks, where several gates will be replaced.

Stuart Gadsby, regional construction manager at Canal & River Trust, said: “At around one tonne per gate, this is a complex task that will keep our team busy throughout winter.

“The new gates will ensure these locks remain operational for years to come, allowing boaters to enjoy smooth sailing along the Chesterfield Canal. Major tasks like these, and the continuing efforts of local volunteers, improve the whole canal environment, so people can enjoy their walks, runs and rides along the towpath too, and wildlife can continue to thrive.”

Some towpath closures may be required during the works – signage on site will indicate when and where these will happen and show diversion routes.