Car trapped on canal bridge

Local boater Neil Barter captured a picture of the car stuck on the bridge.

A CAR was trapped after trying to beat the safety barriers on the swing bridge over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Crabtree Lane near Burscough in West Lancashire, writes Colin Wareing

The driver, who appeared to be in a rush to get to work, attempted to cross the bridge while it was being operated by a boater who wanted to pass through and just got under the first barrier as it was lowering despite the red warning lights flashing.

He was forced to a sharp stop on the bridge being unable to exit due to the barrier on the other side of the bridge having come down.  The weight of the car caused the bridge operating system to fail in a safe position to protect the bridge mechanisms from harm.  

The system had to be checked by an engineer from the Canal & River Trust before it could be reset and the system made live again so the barriers could be raised and the car released, delaying boat and road traffic down Crabtree Lane.