Call for boaters to take part in annual survey

THE Canal & River Trust is launching its 2018 National Boat Owners’ Views Survey, which is sent out to a third of its boat licence holders, and is calling on boaters to share their thoughts and feelings about their experience of the waterways.


Boaters will have until 7 April 2018 to complete the survey which is accessed via a link in an email or letter (where CRT does not hold email addresses) . The aim is to have contacted most boaters on the CRT waters over a three-year cycle.

CRT interim head of boating Jon Horsfall said: “We value boaters’ knowledge and it helps us plan our work so we can prioritise where to make improvements.

“It can highlight where things like facilities could be improved across the country, areas that offer a particularly great boating experience, spots that could do with a bit of dredging, and how smooth it is to carry out necessary admin like licensing a boat.”

Boaters who have received a link but would prefer to complete a paper version of the survey can contact the customer service team on 0303 040 4040.