Britain’s Canals – A Handbook by Nick Corble

Igniting an interest in the waterways

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Reviewer: Robert Davies

THERE have been various attempts over the years at producing general guides to the inland waterways. Britain’s Canals, A Handbook by waterway author, Nick Corble, is one of the better ones and certainly explores almost every aspect of the 
waterway environment.
Over the past 16 years he has penned numerous books and canal-specific guides and in doing so has acquired considerable knowledge to support his waterway-related output.
The handbook was first published in 2007 and then in revised format by Amberley Publishing in 2010. This is a revised edition of the 2010 version. Each section deals with a different aspect of the waterways, from the heritage to the modern-day leisure environment that we now enjoy, and they are all supplemented with a varied selection of colour images.
Subjects covered range from the historical origins, through to the system, boats, decor, getting and living afloat, the flora and fauna, concluding with a look at the industrial archaeology that we have been fortunate in inheriting. Nick’s final offering discusses the campaign to save the waterways and the subsequent conservation and restoration that has evolved, and still continues, over the last 60-plus years.
Many parts of the book are aimed at the ‘converted’, i.e. boaters; however, it is also designed to appeal to a wider audience. In his introduction Nick states that he hopes to ‘ignite the interest of the legion of other people who enjoy our waterways’ – whether on a daily basis when walking the dog, jogging, fishing, birdwatching or just taking a stroll. The book is not the definitive guide, nor does it attempt to be. However, it does contain the right balance to appeal to anyone who has an interest in this very important part of our national heritage.
The book has 91 pages, attractively produced in paperback and reasonably priced at £14.99.
Britain’s Canals – A Handbook by Nick Corble is published by and available from:
Amberley Publishing,
ISBN: 978-1-4456-5813-1 (print) 978-1-4456-5814-8 (eBook)