Be thrifty with water

As the hot, dry weather continues unabated, the Canal & River Trust is reminding and encouraging boaters to use the THRIFT code, sharing locks and making sure all paddles and gates are shut after a lock has been used:

Two in a lock – share locks
Help keep it in – make sure gates and paddles are shut
Report any leaks – tell CRT
Invite oncoming boats through – don’t empty or fill locks if someone else can make use of the water
Find another favourite – explore other parts of the network
Think ahead – plan cruises to minimise use of locks.


Foulridge upper reservoir on the morning of Tuesday, July 3 showing the low water levels.
This reservoir feed down through the Foulridge lower reservoir and then into Barrowford reservoir before the water is released into the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Picture: Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations (

There are also restrictions on lock usage on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal from 6pm until 10am.

The CRT reservoir watch report for June indicates that the seven reservoirs – Rishton, Barrowford, Upper and Lower Foulridge, Slipper Hill, Whitemoor and Winterburn – that supply the Leeds and Liverpool are at 59.7% capacity compared to June 2017 when they were at 71.2%. CRT is implementing the restrictions now to try to avoid running out of water later in the year.

Above: Foulridge upper reservoir on the morning of Tuesday 3.7.18 showing the low water levels and some of the local sheep having a wander round. Below: Barrowford reservoir and Pendle Hill. Pictures: Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole’s Creations