Support sought for environmental petitions

BOATERS are being urged to support two petitions currently doing the rounds.

Friends of the Earth are campaigning against HS2 which they claim will cost around £60 billion of public money and destroy the Colne Valley in West London – a wetland ecosystem which helps to purify the air.

Their petition calls on MPs not to waste public money on HS2, claiming there are far less expensive ways of providing the capacity and connectivity needed in the rail network. It is open until February 20 and can be found at

Signatories of the second petition state they will not vote for any party at the next General Election that does not give total protection to green belt.

Its author Paul Yates of Winsford, Cheshire, has set a target of one million votes. He told Towpath Talk: “All canal users are country lovers and soon it will be gone.”

His petition states: “As overseas populations grow they will have less food to export. All our green belt in Britain will be needed for our own needs.”

It also refers to HS2 but rather than separate local petitions, urges people to vote for one combined petition.

It can be found at www.thepetitionsite/772/220/464/100






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