SUMBA gets on with April work

DUE to warmer weather and early signs of birds’ nesting in late February and early March, SUMBA (Shropshire Union Middlewich Branch Adoptors) cancelled their  final session of cutting back overhanging offside vegetation.

A few minor areas remain  to be completed when the programme recommences in October.

With March now being an extra month in the Spring/Summer maintenance programme, SUMBA brought forward April’s planned work to prepare Cholmondeston and Minshull locks, and lockside infrastructure, for their annual repainting.

In addition, following December’s installation of new bottom gates at Minshull Lock, the group had been asked to erect a fence to protect private property adjacent to the lock’s offside access.

Unfortunately the weather gods had other plans and whilst the day broke with bright sunshine,  rain started around midday, causing further paint preparation to be abandoned and the damp volunteers at Cholmondeston Lock to seek the sanctuary of Venetian Marina’s ever welcoming cafe!

Nevertheless in the short time available most of the loose paint at both locks had been removed, especially from gate arms, the
metal work rubbed down and anti rust primer applied.

The fencing team at Minshull Lock set to with great gusto to erect a fence around a private gas tank. Enthusiastic measuring, sawing, digging, checking verticals and pouring lots of postcrete soon produced an outline of fence posts.

More measuring, sawing, checking levels and lots of screws and the fence frame was in place. Only the picket fencing remained to be attached – that took time using their patented block of wood to ensure even spacing. Bingo – a very posh fence!



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