Royal Television Society award for Chico Chugg TV series producer

Filming on location. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

CHUGG Productions have won a major industry award for Producer/Director Anita Ramdharry and the children’s TV programme ‘Chico Chugg’.

The Royal Television Society Midlands judges chose Anita as Best New Talent 2016 for her work as Producer/Director and the programme itself was nominated for Best Fictional Programme. It’s an amazing achievement and shows the industry leading quality of programme making from Chugg Productions.

The series is filmed on Midlands and Wales waterways. The owners of ‘Chico’, Mike and Janet, live on their canal boat at Crick Marina in Northamptonshire.

Janet Roberts, Anita Ramdharry and Mike Roberts.

It’s an exciting time for the team who are in discussions with a number of broadcasters world-wide who want ‘Chico Chugg’, either in English or translated into other languages. Anita Ramdharry said “It’s such an honour to have been given this award. We’re a small production company, but being recognised by the Royal Television Society has put us right up there with the best in the business”.


‘Chico Chugg’ is a live action pre-school programme that follows the adventures of the loveable Jack Russell dog Chico. There’s original music in every episode from Musical Director Mike Roberts and Janet Roberts is the author of the series of books which the TV series is based on.


The first series has already been broadcast on the Welsh national channel S4C. Due to differences in language ‘Chico Chugg’ has become ‘Nico Nog’ for viewers in Wales. Production on series two is nearing completion in English and Welsh.

‘Chico’ – the star of ‘Chico Chugg.

Now for the first time people can get their own ‘Chico’ soft toy and series one of ‘Chico Chugg’ on DVD from the company website by going to


With more children’s programme ideas in the pipeline, this now award winning company has a busy and exciting future ahead.




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