Historic vessel sails to Arbroath

Published: 07:28AM Jul 21st, 2011
By: Chris Horan

A VETERAN of the inland waterways and estuarial waters will be acting as an ambassador for National Historic Ships with a coastal sail from northern Lincolnshire to the Arbroath Seafest, which coincides with the 200th anniversary of the Bell Rock lighthouse.

The Humber super sloop Spider T, which is based on the Stainforth to Keadby Canal, adjacent the River Trent, was the runner-up in National Historic Ships Flagship of the Year Award this year and received £250 towards promoting the work of the organisation.

Historic vessel sails to Arbroath

The vessel built by Warren’s in the Humber railway village of New Holland in 1926 to carry bricks up and down the East Coast and a variety of other cargoes, was restored to sail in 2007 after being lovingly brought back from the dead by Mal Nicholson, his wife Val and a team of enthusiasts.

The vessel has been accorded the status of being a member of National Historic Fleet which places it alongside famed vessels like the Mary Rose and Balmoral.

The Spider T, which sailed to Rotterdam in 2009 as a British representative at the World Ports Day festivities, visited Arbroath in 2008 and proved so popular, the authorities there asked for it to return.

“ It is a great accolade both for the Spider T, her crew and supporters,” said motor engineer owner Mal Nicholson.

“The visit will enable us to exhibit the pioneering shipbuilding skills of North Lincolnshire and the the Warren family which ran the shipyard.

“It also gives us a chance to thrill people with living history as we visit a variety of ports and resorts during our month long voyage, making our way as far north to Montrose and then heading back south,” said Mal.

“Obviously in these hard economic times it is not only the sea conditions we are sailing against for such voyages but the low ebb of the economy, so we are grateful to all sponsors who have contributed in whatever way they can to make the trip possible.”

The Spider T will be putting into various ports along the way including Hartlepool, where it is due to renew an acquaintance with the paddle steamer ferry, Wingfield Castle, which worked the rail route between New Holland and Hull, which ended with the opening of the Humber Bridge in 1981.

During the voyage the Spider T will be flying the flag of National Historic Ships and carrying a torch for the tourist attractions in northern Lincolnshire.

The provisional sailing itinerary, subject to changes due to the weather and sea conditions include Saturday, July 30: Keadby to Grimsby; Sunday, July 31: Grimsby to Scarborough; Monday, Aug 1: Scarborough to Hartlepool; Tuesday, Aug 2: Stay in Hartlepool; Wednesday, Aug 3: Hartlepool to Blyth; Thursday, Aug 4: Blyth to Eyemouth; Friday, Aug 5: Eyemouth to Anstruther; Saturday, Aug 6: Stay in Anstruther ; Sunday, August 7: Anstruther to Montrose; Monday, Aug 8; Stay in Montrose; Tuesday, Aug 9: Montrose to Stonehaven? Wednesday, Aug 10: Stonehaven? To Arbroath. Thursday, Aug 11: Arbroath; Friday, August 12: Arbroath.; Saturday, August 13, Arbroath; Sunday, Aug 14: Arbroath; Monday, Aug 15:

Arbroath. To North Berwick? Tuesday: Aug 16: Arbroath Dunbar? Wed: Aug 17: to Eyemouth; Thursday: Aug 18: Eyemouth to Berwick? Friday: Aug 19: Berwick to Blyth; Sat: Aug 20: Blyth to Sunderland; Sun Aug 21: Sunderland to Whitby; Monday, Aug 22: Stay Whitby; Tuesday, Aug 23: Whitby to Scarborough; Wednesday, Aug 24: Stay Scarborough? Thursday, Aug 25: Scarborough to Bridlington; Friday, Aug 26: Stay Bridlington; Saturday Aug 26: Stay Bridlington; Sunday, Aug 27: Bridlington to Grimsby; Monday, Aug 28: Grimsby to Keadby.


Mr Nicholson said concessionary berthage was being sought for the voyage and sponsorship to cover the cost of diesel, though the vessel will be under sail for much of the way . Anyone able to help should contact him on 07739863604 . m.nicholson4@sky.com Further information on the vessel is available on www.spidert.co.uk


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