New chairman for NABO


AT NABOs AGM held at the Wolverhampton Boat Club on Saturday November 12, Stella Ridgway was elected chairman replacing Mike Rodd who stood down after serving a three-year term.


Stella lives aboard her narrowboat on the Upper Peak Forest Canal with her  husband and two Labradors. She is the great-granddaughter of a fly boatman who operated out of Middlewich.


Stella has considerable experience in mediation and consultation which she hopes to put to good use in her new position. Stella  was also earlier this year elected to the Canal and River Trust’s Council as one of the four private boating representatives


At the AGM Stella stated that during her tenure as Chair she hoped to 


· Encourage CRT to focus on the maintenance of the canal navigation and infrastructure.

· Seek to ensure all users respect the canal and its environment

· Canvas and seek to get NABO members views heard on, for instance:

– Towpath safety and responsible cycling

– More facilities in popular areas

– Accessible moorings long and short term

– Fair and consistent enforcement


“If we all show consideration and treat others, as we would like to be treated, I believe we can preserve our way of life. Boaters and visitors on the towpath should be able to enjoy a safe environment to enjoy the wild life, passing boats, canal side attractions. The vast majority of boaters respect the canal environment and boat responsibly and I would encourage CRT not to affect the enjoyment of the vast majority when trying to manage the irresponsible behaviour of the few.”


Stella can be contacted at




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