Kennet across the Mersey

Kennet has just left the Ellesmere Port National Waterways Museum and joined the Manchester Ship canal and is travelling towards the city of Liverpool which can been seen in the distance. PHOTOS: COLIN WAREING of Colin and Carole’s Creations

LEEDS & Liverpool short boat Kennet returned to Liverpool this week having spent the winter at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, writes Colin Wareing.

Built as a cargo carrying vessel, she is 60ft compared to the longer 70ft boats and has been preserved and converted into a floating exhibition space by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society.

Here she has just left Ellesmere Port and joined the Manchester Ship Canal and is travelling behind the Bro Nordby, a tanker vessel that is returning down the canal and controlled by a tug fore and aft.

Kennet is normally to be seen plying the canal through Lancashire and Yorkshire, taking part in the 2016 celebrations of the canal bicentenary.

Passing along the river with iconic Anglican Cathedral in the background. When she is in the locks of the canal system she looks quite big, but out on the Mersey she looks quite small.

Crewed by four society members, she returned to Liverpool by travelling down part of the Manchester Ship canal and across the River Mersey.

Towards the Radio City tower and Brunswick dock where she will rejoin the inland waterway system of the country.



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