‘Gentrification’ extends to the canal – NBTA

PUBLIC moorings are being taken away as part of the gentrification in Tower Hamlets, according to the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA).

It claims the mooring on a historic wharf right next to the gas works at Corbridge Cresent are set to be made into private leisure moorings as part of a regeneration scheme.

Angry boat dwellers organised a community get together to protest against this removal of public space.

Marcus Trower, the National Bargee Travellers Association deputy chair said:

“London has seen so much gentrification, where areas have been regenerated, but not regenerated for the people living there already. Many of the people that have lived there for generations have been forced to move out.”

On the waterways, we are seeing much the same. Areas which have been used for years as public spaces for any boat moor up to have been taken away, replaced by private moorings for a few which have the money to pay for it.

These public moorings are part of the history of the canal. They should not be made private, they should be open for anyone to use. We are making a stand, we will do anything we can to keep what is public, public!’





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