Floating litter pick transforms River Lee in Hackney

Before the litter pick. PHOTOS: CRT

OLD Ford Lock on the River Lee in Hackney Wick has been given a vital deep clean last week, thanks to a team of a dozen local volunteers who joined the Canal & River Trust to transform the stretch.

The Trust and volunteers cleared floating bottles, plastic bags and even two Christmas trees. The location is a natural gathering point for debris as it is the final lock on the River before the River Thames.

A floating conveyor belt helped to scoop the litter from the water, while volunteers also gathered rubbish from the towpath, including at a nearby bird nesting site.

The Canal & River Trust is keen to continue regular tidy-ups at the lock in order to keep it in top condition. If you are interested in helping please contact enquiries.london@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Old Ford Lock after.

Sandile Mthiyane, Canal & River Trust volunteer leader, who ran the clean-up operation, said: “We’re really grateful to the volunteers who turned out to help us, as a charity we need this type of support if we are to keep the River in the best possible condition.

“This stretch of the River Lee is really popular, with lots of boaters, runners and people using it as a route to get to the Olympic Park or Hackney Wick, so we want it looking great.

“As the last lock on the Lee, it does tend to act as a natural barrier and gathering point for floating debris that drifts down the waterway. You can see the difference a few extra pairs of hands can make, so if you are keen to get involved then get in touch.”





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