Final work party of 2016 at Purdy’s Marsh

NORTH Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust volunteers enjoy some hot Mulled Wine whilst nibbling mince pies and sausage rolls on their final work party of 2016!

The area concerned is locally called Purdy’s Marsh and is being cleared of debris and brash to allow a fresh crop of reed to grow for the benefit of the many birds and creatures.

A large part of this marsh has been taken over by Himalayan Balsam and this, choking plant, has to be totally cleared to permit successful growth of the reeds.

It is anticipated to take up to three years to attain this end. This marsh area will become a wonderful wildlife haven adjacent to the canal, which should be re-watered in 2017.

To protect the wildlife, it is not planned to permit casual walkers on the marsh, as they will use the Permissive Footpath on top of the canal bank.




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