Canal & River Trust announces interim head of boating

THE Canal & River Trust has appointed North East waterway manager Jon Horsfall as the charity’s interim head of boating.

Jon will start an immediate handover with Mike Grimes who leaves at Easter.  Working alongside the boating management team, Jon will carry on the excellent progress being made right across the charity’s boating activity and will remain in the post throughout the ongoing review of licensing which is scheduled to last until the autumn.

Recruitment for a permanent head of boating will continue in the meantime, with the application date likely to be extended.

Jon will continue to oversee the North East waterway, with Tom Wright and Mike Marshall taking a greater role in the management of the waterway whilst Jon is seconded into the boating team.

Ian Rogers, customer services and operations director at Canal & River Trust, said:  “I’m delighted Jon will be taking on the role.  He has a wealth of experience managing the waterways in the north east.  He’s well versed in working with boaters and understanding their needs and will bring a new perspective to the position, building on the great groundwork that Mike has put in place.”




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