Boaters can pre-book selected London moorings

BOATERS who want to have the certainty of a guaranteed place to moor in central London are now able to pre-book a spot in Rembrandt Gardens, Little Venice, through the Canal & River Trust’s licensing web portal.

Research over summer showed that the perception of having trouble finding moorings was putting people off visiting the capital and the Trust is trialling these paid for pre-bookable short-stay mooring spots in response.

If the trial is successful the Trust will investigate introducing pre-bookable moorings at suitable places across London’s waterways, while ensuring that use is balanced with existing visitor and casual towpath moorings, and longer-term moorings.

 Matthew Symonds, boating strategy & engagement manager at Canal & River Trust, said: “The pre-bookable moorings at Little Venice will provide a guaranteed place for boaters to pull up in one of the most picturesque parts of London, close to the heart of the city and with great transport links.

“As anyone who has boated in central London recently will tell you, it can get very busy, and it’s more important than ever that we manage the finite space fairly to meet the needs of a wide range of boaters.  This is an added extra service for boaters who want the security of arriving in the capital and knowing they’ll have a space.”

Boaters can reserve pre-bookable moorings by visiting

The moorings will cost £10 per night and can be booked for up to seven nights in a single visit.

The Trust carried out the survey between June and August 2016.  It has been carrying out further engagement work including surveys of boaters and other stakeholders in London to help inform the wider London mooring strategy.




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